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Perendev, V-Gate, Howard Johnson or "HoJo", ...


           ... and magnetic energy  is just one of them.

You also you can build your own motor (Perendev, V-Gate, Howard Johnson or "HoJo", Bedini, ...) by following the advices of the many people around the globe who already built one and share their tricks.

Download the Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices (PDF, 3275 pages, 57.9 MB)
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Videos :

Running Muammer Yildiz MAGNET MOTOR at Inventors Expo April 10-12, 2013, Geneva, Switzerland :

Running Muammer Yildiz MAGNET MOTOR demo at Delft University in the Netherlands :

Muammer Yildiz website :

Replicating the PERENDEV MOTOR :

Perendev - magnet motor patent WO2006045333 A1

Free downloadable Nikola TESLA patents :

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Permanent MAGNET MOTOR V-Gate Re-gauging from Roobert33 :

Evolution of Perpetual Motion :


En Français :

Petite expérience avec deux aimants pour comprendre ce qu'est l'énergie libre :

Logiciels libres pour vous aider dans votre projet :

Sites francophones sur l'Energie Libre :


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