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So how do you decalcify your pineal gland? If you have taken the journey towards spiritual enlightenment and been learning about the third eye and pineal gland, you have probably come across some articles on how your pineal gland has been calcified over the years, and how you need to decalcify the it in order for you to activate it.
This article will give you some of the ways you can do that, as pineal gland decalcification is often times the first step to activating your gland and your third eye.


​So what is the pineal gland and why does it needs to be decalcified ?

​The pineal gland is a small hormone producing gland right in the middle of your brain. This gland produces melatonin and DMT, also known as the spirit molecule. DMT is the body's natural psychedelic drug, causing vivid experiences and makes us more in tune with the spiritual realm. You can look at the pineal gland as the physical location of the third eye. When we are born, our pineal gland is soft and alive, which may explain the vivid imagination you had as a child, and how children are much more in tune with the spiritual world and energies. But as we grow older, our pineal gland becomes hard like bone, as calcium is stored in the gland from years of pollution, making it unable to do its job and connects us with our spirituality. That is why a decalcification of the pineal gland can help us reactive the gland and remove some of its hard calcified surface to make it soft and vibrant again.

So How Do You Decalcify the Pineal Gland

So if you wish to decalcify the pineal gland, here are some ways you can do that. Decalcifying the pineal gland is a lifestyle and not a one time event, as it requeres a change in eating habits and the way you live.
These are some of the things that will affect your pineal gland and help it decalcify :

    Practice Sungazing
    Eat more vegetables
    Eat organic food
    Eat less meat
    Eat less processed food and fast food
    Eat less sugar
    Eat dark raw chocolate
    Use fluoride free toothpaste
    Drink fluoride free water
    Eat Garlic
    Drink lemon water
    Do yoga
    Do third eye activation

So all in all, you need to live a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food and cutting back on processed fatty food. Regular meditation and yoga can also reactive the pineal gland and decalcify it over time.


So if you are interested in pineal gland and third eye activation, this article is for you. Your pineal gland is your physical location of your third eye... the spiritual all seeing eye. This gland is a hormone producing gland that produces the brains natural psychedelic drug DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), also known as the spirit molecule, which is present during sleep, meditation and death. Third eye meditation and pineal gland activation can increase the production of DMT in the brain, causing us to experience things beyond this world.
So What Does DMT Do?

DMT is one of the most intense and powerful drugs out there, causing a vivid psychedelic experience, so far from the way we normally experience reality. It is something that has been used for different cultural rituals, and a way to reach a state of spiritual awareness and opening and expanding ones consciousness.

Some people believe that this drug only creates hallucinations and is purely a drug that interferes with your natural perception of reality, causing you to see and experience things that do not exist, but are only creations of your own mind. They believe that DMT is nothing more than any other drug, just more intense. Other people believe that this truly is a spiritual drug, as it is created by the pineal gland and is present in humans, animals and plants. The pineal gland and this spirit molecule is especially active during times of deep meditation and trance-like states. Some believe that DMT connects us with the earth and divine powers, and that we will see the world from a spiritual perspective not limited by the physical world and our physical senses.

DMT and the Pineal Gland
So the Pineal gland is able to produce this spirit molecule when the gland is activated. Third eye and pineal gland activation has been practiced since ancient times, and the pineal gland is depicted in many ancient sculptures and art work, showing the importance of this gland, and how it has been worshiped for centuries. But as we live in this all physical world, we become detached from our spirituality, making the pineal gland inactive and calcified from our bad diet and unnatural lifestyles. This isolates us in this materialistic world, where only physical objects holds any value, and where spirituality is never talked about. This makes is very difficult for people who wish to embrace their spirituality, as it clashes with this modern society and the materialistic lifestyle. But there are ways to reconnect with our spirituality and reactivate our pineal gland and third eye, so that we are able to experience the world from a non physical perspective... sensing reality and getting a better understanding of the universe.​

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So if you are working on opening and activating your third eye chakra, here are 7 signs that your activation is working, and that your third eye is slowly opening. You may not experience all of these symptoms and side effects, but these are some the most common symptoms people have experienced when opening their third eye.

Tingling Sensation on Forehead and Crown Chakra
Getting a soft tingling sensation on your forehead is maybe the most common experience. It will feel like something is tickling your forehead, like a hair or small insect, and you will notice how you repeatedly try to brush something off your forehead. You may also feel a tingling sensation on your crown chakra at the top of your head.

Many people get headaches from activating their third eye. This headache may last for a couple of days, and you just need to rest your head for some time until it passes.

Intense Pressure on Head
You may also experience a very intense pressure on your entire head, whenever you are meditating, like a huge person is squashing your head with his hands. This can be so intense that it feels like your scull is about to crush. When you stop the meditation the pressure goes away immediately.

Vivid Dreams
Many people experience having more nightmares or extremely vivid dreams. This may be caused by your activation of your pineal gland, which produces the natural psychedelic drug DMT (Dimethyltryptamin), which is present during sleep. But activating your pineal gland can increase the production of DMT in the brain.

Seeing Lights and Objects
You may experience seeing lights or objects in your minds eye, as you meditate. These lights are often bright colored beams or spirals of vibrant light. Some people begin to see religious objects while meditating, but most people see an eye or the outline of an eye.

Hearing a Loud Popping Sound
Some people hear a very loud popping sound or crackling sound inside their brain. This is said to be the activation of the pineal gland, which is located in the middle of the brain. This can be a quite overwhelming and shocking experience to some, as the sound can be very loud.

​Increased Awareness
Opening and activating your third eye can increase your awareness and focus. You may notice how you begin to pay attention to more details and that your eyes constantly catch even the tiniest movement in your peripheral vision. Sometimes even when nothing is there... at least nothing physical.

These were some of the symptoms and side effects you may experience from opening and activating your third eye and pineal gland.


So how do you open and activate your third eye?

This article will give you some techniques to help you open and activate your third eye chakra for spiritual awakening.

So What is the Third Eye?
The third eye is the 6th chakra located in the middle of your forehead between your eyebrows. The third eye chakra and the crown chakra are the two chakras that are the most connected to the universe and the spiritual realm, allowing you to tap into your spirituality. The third eye has a deep indigo color and its vowel sound is Aye. The Sanskrit name is Ajna. This chakra is your window to anything spiritual and psychic, and this is your clairvoyant eye, seeing things your two physical eyes are not able to see.

Before Opening the Third Eye
Before you go ahead and open your third eye, make sure you are absolutely sure you wish to open it, as some people have had rather intense and frightening experiences with it, causing them to regret opening it. So do a lot of research before you proceed.

So How to Open the Third eye?
There are many different techniques and meditations you can try, and some may work for you, while others may not. But no matter what techniques you choose to work with, you need to be patent and give it time, as activating your third eye is a longer process and more like a lifestyle and a journey towards spiritual awareness. So give it time, and enjoy the journey.
Here is an ancient technique that are directly created to stimulate and open your third eye and pineal gland. This technique is very powerful and will most likely give you some interesting results.

This video will guide you through the Thoh Chant... and ancient and quite powerful third eye meditation for opening and activating the third eye and pineal gland.

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Examples of kisses on the forehead (seat of the Soul)



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