How to Increase your Vibrations



                A visual representation of the emotional vibrations of human on the scale Hertz


     Ways to raise your vibrations.

      Become conscious of your thoughts. Everything you think, say or feel becomes your reality.
    Love and accept yourself. As you are.
    Cut off negative influences.
    Only use positive words when talking.
    Find something beautiful and appreciate it.
    Open Windows.
    Focus on Natural Sunlight.
    Be conscious of the foods you eat.
    Drink water.
    Be grateful.
    Practice acts of kindness.
    Get your blood pumping.
    Read inspiring quotes.
    Get creative.
    Take a deep breath.
    Try Humor.
    Tell someone how much you appreciate him/her.
    Watch a funny movie or TV show.
    Add some colors to your place.
    Turn on music.
    Banish bad memories.
    Let go of the past. Forgive again and again.


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The Result of Mass High Vibration

One of the most profound experiments on the power of high vibrational energies and positive intentions was conducted between the years 1983 and 1985.

Large groups of meditators got together and meditated on love and peace for the world. Those years saw a 72% reduction in terrorism. These experiments since then have been verified and published in a scientific journal.

Similar studies have been conducted around the world and continuously show the how prayer and positive meditations based on love and kindness have profound effects in reducing crime and violence. The larger the group and the more experienced the meditators, the greater the effects are from collective intention.

Repetitive prayers to God as in places of worship (church/mosque/temple...) are not such effective compared with groups whose intentions are for love and kindness alone.

When we collectively come together, our vibrational energies are multiplied. Whether you surround yourself with positive intentions or negative ones, the effect it has on the world around you is palpable and very real.

When you live your life with love, kindness and compassion and you choose to surround yourself with the same energies, you aren’t just benefiting yourself, you’re benefiting the world.

The Awakening Shift

What is the Awakening Shift?

The awakening shift is a deep and profound awakening in our consciousness that is causing a shift in how we experience our world.   I define consciousness as simply our level of awareness, how attuned we are to all that is unfolding in our world- externally and internally. So as we become more conscious, what is actually changing is the rate at which the energy of our thoughts and emotions vibrate.

The most credible work on the vibratory rate of consciousness has been done by Dr David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. and presented in his book "Power vs. Force".   Dr. Hawkins has developed a scale that shows the vibratory rate of various emotions, attitudes and perceptions.  Studying his information is a real eye opener on exactly how powerful your thoughts and emotions are.


As our consciousness vibrates at a higher level, our bodies and our world begin to vibrate at a higher rate also. Our bodies are becoming less and less dense, and expressing more as energy and light.  This in turn causes us to experience our world at a higher vibration.  As we move up the scale from fear, anger and pride to love, joy and peace, the events in our outer world change to match the level where we are vibrating in our body and consciousness. Another way to say this is that we are moving from a materialistic world to a spiritual world. Literally we are becoming a new kind of human – our bodies are mutating, our consciousness is expanding and our old world is dropping away.

Is it the end of the world?

                       The Mayan Calendar

It is not the end of the world, as portrayed in the movie " 2012". It is simply the end of time/the world as we know it.
Actually it is a new beginning of a world very different from what we now have.

How this will unfold has not yet been determined.  The human race has a huge say in what actually does transpire and it will be determined by the choices we make.

You’ll easily see that this is true, if you understand that how the world unfolds each moment is simply an expression of the vibratory rate of all beings on the planet at that time.  So you definitely have a vote in what our New Earth will look like. As more and more people vibrate higher and higher, it raises the rate of vibration of the mass consciousness.  Every thought and action you have is added to the sum of the consciousness of the Earth and causes it to rise. There is a ripple effect called the tipping point, which creates a shift once a certain mass has been reached.  In his book The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell writes about how this works.

So I believe the awakening shift is much more about emotional earthquakes and tsunamis shaking and washing away our paradigms and world view than it is about physical happenings in our world. Many people will sudden realize that what they believe to be true about the world simply is no longer true for them. If you have ever had this happen in your life, you know that having your secure view of the world swept away can be life shattering.

 Of course, there is no way to know for sure what will happen. But of much more concern to me, is how skillfully the people of the earth will be able to shift their consciousness to align with changing energies rather than worry about an asteroid hitting the Earth.

When will it happen?

It is happening right now. A major confusion about the awakening shift is that on December 21, 2012, some dramatic change will impact earth and some believe the world will come to an end on that day.  I believe the Change Is Happening Right Now !! 

We are in the midst of the change and coming down to the wire with just three more years to go. When 2012 comes, the most challenging part will be over and we will be starting a new beginning.
We are in a time period that I have labeled the “path of awakening” which was activated to a higher level 25 years ago at the Harmonic Convergence on August 16 and 17, 1987.  There is not one clear end date. I believe it is more accurate to look at the awakening shift as occurring over a period or zone of time.

Most experts give the date of December 21, 2012 as the big day. However another very highly respected scholar, Johan Calleman, who has researched the Mayan calendar thoroughly, gives the end date as October 28, 2011. His end date involves endings on a huge scale. He has developed a Chart of world Ages which began at the big bang 16 million years ago and ends on October 28, 2011 according to his calculations.  If you want to explore his theories more, you may want to read his book or go to his website.

 Energetically I feel that both dates are important and that definitely energy shifts will happen on those days, but the big work to be done is Right Now!!
Who will it happen to? 

Will it happen to people who don’t believe it? Will part of my family miss the shift and be separated from me?

The shift will happen to all beings on planet earth. It will happen to people who don’t believe it, your family friends…everyone.  If you recall my explanation of the tipping point above, that explains how the shift will engulf the planet.  You may also know this principle as the hundredth monkey phenomena developed by Rupert Sheldrake.  He found that once information had reached a certain mass, it spreads spontaneously through the energy field that connects us all and causes a shift.

So you don’t need to worry about leaving friends and family behind in the old world. This question come up a lot in my classes because people are afraid there will be two different worlds and their loved ones will not end up in the same one as they are in.

What can I do to prepare?

The most important thing you can to do is to wake up to what is now happening on the planet, and begin to educate yourself on how to live in a world of energy along with the physical world.

Wake up !

Waking up is all about increasing your awareness. Remember, I defined consciousness as simply our level of awareness, how attuned we are to all that is unfolding in our world- externally and internally.

If you want to wake up to a bigger world view, you may want to read my article Five Foundation Principles of the Awakening Shift to learn about five principles that I suggest will create the foundation of our new world.

Another way to wake up is to become aware of the dual nature of reality.  Learn to be aware of the world of energy that surrounds every area of your 3rd dimensional life.   The next step will be to consciously tend to that world.

And the final awakening will be to go beyond the Law of Attraction and realize that your entire reality is an illusion which you have created.

Learn to Live in the World of Energy !

Your biggest assignment in the next three years and beyond 2012 will be to expand your world beyond your daily 3rd dimensional life and become aware of the energy component of each area of your life.

What that means is to know that your solid body has a complex energy component consisting of an aura, chakras, and meridians and that it needs to be care for just like your physical body. That, in fact, its health determines the health of your physical body. Embracing such modalities as energy healing, aromatherapy, flower essences plus a whole array of others modalities could help you to raise your energy body vibration to match the vibration on the planet as it increases. 

Become aware of the energy field of your home, office and car.  Know that each one has an energy component along with the physicality that it expresses.  Going green is the first step as that will heal aspects of your environment but you’ll need to become aware that the homes energy field consists of chi and also needs to be balanced and cleansed.  Feng Shui is the process that works to balance and cleanse the energy in your environment.

Another important area is communication. You are already familiar with the energy component which is known as nonverbal communication or the vibes you give off.  You have probably already learned some skills of how to use nonverbal communication.  But now you’ll need to go even deeper and learn to communicate nonverbally through psychic connection, intuition, knowing etc.

And so every area of your physical world has an energy component and you’ll need to develop the skills to live in a dual world of materiality and energy.  This I believe is what the coming changes are all about – simply awakening to an infinite part of ourselves and our world.

       Five Foundation Principles of the Awakening Shift

Important and dramatic shifts are happening in our lives. To make sense of these changing times, you may need to embrace new ideas about the nature of our world.  Here are five principles that I see as forming the foundation for our new world. These five concepts offer  you a new way of looking at the world. Understanding and embracing these principles can help you align with the new energies which will make your life much easier in the years ahead.

Principle #1 – A Consciousness Shift is now happening on this planet.

This is an easy principle to embrace since you have been personally experiencing it for several years now.  Many of you, reading this blog, have deeply embraced this principle and have been working to support the shift. This is the underlying concept that supports several of the other principles, so I am presenting it as the first building block of your foundation.

 Just to be clear, I define consciousness as simply our level of awareness, how attuned we are to all that is unfolding in our world- externally and internally. As we become more conscious, we perceive the world at deeper and deeper layers.

To understanding how there could even be a consciousness shift, you’ll need to remind yourself of what the concept E=MC2 means – that everything in your world is energy – your house, car, clothes. All that looks solid is really simply energy vibrating at a low rate that makes it seem solid.  Our consciousness is also energy vibration. What is changing now on the planet is that as we become more aware, we are raising the vibration of our consciousness.

Dr David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. has done some excellent work, through his Institute of Advanced Spiritual Research, with consciousness. He developed a scale that shows the vibratory rate of various aspects of consciousness. His work shows that as we move up the scale from fear, anger and pride to love, joy and peace, our consciousness vibrates higher and higher affecting how we live our life and how we treat other beings and the earth.

Principle #2 A New Species of Human is Evolving

The consciousness shift is creating a new species of human on the earth.  As our consciousness vibrates at a higher level, our bodies and our world begin to vibrate at a higher rate also. Our bodies are becoming less and less dense, and expressing more as energy and light.

There have been several names suggested for this new being.  Homo spiritus is the name given by Dr. David Hawkins, to beings that are awake and vibrating at a high level according to his scale.  Alberto Villoldo, anthropologist and shaman, has labeled the new human homo luminous, to indicate that we are becoming beings whose energy fields are vibrating higher and becoming more luminous. And Barbara Hand Clow, Cherokee elder and writer, calls the new human homo pacem, to indicate we are becoming a species focused on peace.   

Principle #3 A New Earth is Birthing

As our consciousness shifts and the new human evolves, we contribute to the birthing of a new Earth through behavior that vibrates higher on the consciousness scale.  Love, joy and peace vibrate above 500 on the scale and as more and more humans function at that level, their collective energy raises the energy in the earth’s noosphere. This is the global mind or earth’s mind. The New Earth will exist on the energy level referred to as the 5th dimension rather than on the solid earthly level, referred to as the 3rd dimension.

In learning to live in the new world, we will be shifting our attention to the world of energy and focusing on how to make the transition of living in an energy world rather than a material world.  What I mean by that is humans will need to become aware of the dual aspect of every area of your life. While we are already attuned to the ordinary 3rd dimensional world, on the New Earth, we will need to become aware of the energy component of each area of our life. We will then need to attend to that just as we do our material needs.

For instance, every area of your life has an energy component. Your physical body has an energy field called the aura.  Your home also has an energy component called chi, which is the focus of Feng Shui. The energy component of water was shown by Dr.  Masaru Emoto’ s work with ice crystals . Even your words have an energy component known as your nonverbals.

So on the New Earth that is birthing, you’ll need to become as aware of that level of your being as you are presently of the physical level.  The main focus of this blog will be to give information on how to become aware of and work with the energy component in all areas of your life.

Principle #4 The Universe is Alive and is Populated by Sentient Beings – the Earth, Planets and Stars.

The concept that the earth is a living organism was developed by James Lovelock in the ‘60s and is known as the “Gaia Principle”.  Some cutting edge thinkers have taken that concept one step farther and say that the earth is an alive sentient being with a consciousness. I subscribe to that version of the principle. What I am saying is that the earth is not just a big hunk of rock and dirt whirling around the Sun. That is has aliveness, consciousness and awareness!! Indigenous people have a natural connection with this aliveness and in South America she is called Pachamama, meaning  Mother Earth.

The green movement has brought more awareness to the needs of the earth, but I am suggestion that we go beyond green and look at the aliveness of the earth from a perspective of consciousness and not just from the aliveness of the molecules that makeup the earth.

We need to become more informed about her energy body, which consist of ley lines, energy vortexes, energy grids and the noosphere or earth’s mind. Developing an awareness of all of these aspects of the earth will be one facet of the Awakening Shift.

This principle leads naturally to the next conclusion, which is that if the earth is alive, so are Jupiter, Mars, Venus and all the planets…and our sun, the stars, the galaxies. If we accept this principle, we are embracing the concept that we live in an aware, alive universe of sentient beings – quite a mind stretching thought.

Principle #5 – Earthlings are Becoming Galactic Citizens

This last principle is based on seeing ourselves as more than just earthlings, but as a part of a galactic community, that is made up of beings from other planets, star systems and galaxies.  As we embrace this bigger view, we’ll realize that it is only a matter of time before we eventually join that galactic community through first contact.

Our scientists are working diligently through astrobiology to glean information about life in our universe. They have found planets in other star systems that they think can support life and have possibly found water on Mars and Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons.  This body of work, officially established by NSAA in 1960, has grown in the last few years so much that even the Catholic Church issued a statement saying “that life beyond our world is not inconsistent with our doctrine”.

Many of us already know of the existence of beings from other realms because we have experienced connection with them on other planes and work with them regularly.  So for some, this is an easy step to take.  For others, it may mean adjusting personal religious beliefs that do not allow for existence of life other than on this planet.

I believe that crop circles represent the most physical of evidence that we currently have of life existing in the universe. Clearly, most of the circles are made by a force off the planet.  These circles are messages from our star brothers and sisters connecting with us in a way that we can handle. When humans have raised their consciousness enough to put aside fear and be able to experience contact without going into fear and chaos, then the time will be ripe for first contact.

I am presenting these five principles as a way to give you a broader view of the world. Looking at the world through these filters can allow you see possibilities and have understandings that are not possible from a more limited old world view.

by Reba Jean Cain


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How to Consciously Raise Your Vibrational Frequency
Article By Nanice Ellis
June 23, 2015

Learning how to raise your vibrational frequency is the single most important thing you can do to improve your life.

By learning to raise your vibrational frequency, you will be able to create the biggest possible impact you can have on yourself, and the planet as a whole.  This shift is so powerful that it will change everything about you and the people you come into contact with. It is the foundation of this shift that will allow you to go out into the world and do great things, if that is what you are destined to do. 

As within, so without. 
There is no other rule.

We hear it all the time, “Be the change you want to see in the world” – but what does it really mean? And how do we go about making it happen?

Learning how to consciously raise your own vibration can have wonderful effects on your overall well-being!

If you are reading this far, you are likely an evolutionary pioneer, paradigm trend setter, or what I call a consciousness shifter.

However you see yourself, you know that you came here to make a difference, and maybe even a profound difference.

But, let’s face it, the high hopes of even the most well intentioned souls can get obscured in the confusion and chaos of reality. It’s hard to keep on track and fulfill your purpose, when you are pulled in so many directions, just to maintain a life – just to survive.

Maybe you remember what you came here to do, but you have neglected, or even betrayed, your own heart due to fear, worry or doubt, or maybe you have forgotten what you came here to do, and you have spent the better part of your life seeking your purpose, but never quite finding it. The truth is, you don’t need to remember the specifics of your purpose in order to fulfill your mission. You only need to remember one thing.

You and I – and millions of other people living on earth right now – are here to evolve the world to the next level of consciousness. Our purpose is to bring forth an enlightened paradigm of reality, with freedom from war, poverty and disease. We are the bringers of the New Dream, and each one of us has an essential role to play. The chaos of the world may seem overwhelming, but you only have to fulfill your particular part. If fear, doubt or overwhelm stops you from realizing your purpose as Consciousness Shifter, you have missed the point.

Maybe you have specific gifts or talents that allow you to express your purpose in certain ways, but, honestly that is not a requirement. Your essential role in this glorious process is to be responsible for your own evolution – not in healing or teaching anyone else and not in single-handedly transforming the world. Your special part is in the evolution of your own consciousness. Your purpose is to evolve yourself. As such, you may become a teacher, healer or innovator, but it is a by-product of your own evolution. Trying to teach, heal, or effect change from an unevolved or asleep state only reinforces the old paradigms that we are here to transform. If you want to wake others up, you must first be awake yourself. So, how do we fulfill our mission?

The Secret to Evolution is Vibration

From the city-sized Rock of Gibraltar to each tiny raindrop falling on a window pane, everything is vibration. You and I are also made of vibration. We don’t see things as vibration because we are unconscious experts at interpreting vibration into what we call reality. It is our inner interpretation that makes everything seem solid, but that is just the grand illusion. This is great news because it means that we don’t have to wrestle solid things to the ground to overcome them, nor do we have to change reality by force. It means that we only need to evolve vibration in order to evolve ourselves and our world.

The transformation of humanity is simply a vibratory shift to higher frequencies.

There is nothing more important than how you are vibrating. Your personal vibration is your greatest resource and more vital than money, time or even physical energy. Everything is second to your vibration. From a low vibration of fear, worry or overwhelm, life is difficult and relationships are challenging. Scarcity is often the norm and we spend our lives just trying to get by and survive. War, poverty and disease are low vibratory effects. This is the current collective vibration of the world, but this is not how we are intended to live.

From a high vibration of love, life takes on an effortless flow, relationships are harmonic and abundance streams with ease. World liberation is realized as the collective vibration of humanity resonates with love and harmony.

No matter what expression you choose by way of your gifts, talents and preferences, your core mission is to wake up, connect to the source of who you really are – and raise your personal vibration, and as a result, you will fulfill your essential role in raising the collective vibration.

Ultimately, you will experience a new more enlightened world. You are not changing the world or saving anybody. You are only changing you, and saving yourself. When enough of us vibrate on the level of love, a threshold will be met, and just like the hundred monkey experiment, the world will experience exponential growth, heightened consciousness and global awakening. You only need to do your part, and I only need to do mine. This is the whole point.

If you were to make your vibration the most important part of every day, your entire life would change, and you would gain the ability to consciously begin to create the life you most desire.

Take Charge of Your Vibration

Raising your vibration is easy to do once you fully understand the conscious process.

Vibration is influenced by thought, but most of the time this is done at an unconscious level so we have no control over our vibration. Imagine how you can positively influence vibration with positive intentions. This means that as your thoughts become more life affirming and encouraging in nature, your life will respond. You can take charge of your vibration and even the vibration of the world around you by being responsible with your mental energy, so if you want to raise your vibration, you must raise your thoughts. The more you consciously take charge of your thoughts, the more your vibration will rise.

If you are not in control of your thoughts, you are not in control of your life.

Your mind is like a quantum computer but if you are not consciously running the computer, it is programmed and run by external forces – be that family, society, government, authority figures or media. You take back your power by taking back the control panel in your head. I know that it can be difficult, at first, to get in the driver’s seat of your thoughts, but there is no greater work that you can, and must, do. If you want to create a better life and a better world, there is no getting around it – first, you must create better thoughts.

As the thinker of your thoughts, you have the power to master your life, and be the change you want to see in the world.

Vibration Assessment

When you want to know the quality or vibration of a thought, just notice how that thought makes you feel – the way in which you feel is always a tell-tale sign of your vibration. If a thought provokes constricting emotions like fear or frustration, you are going in the wrong direction. If a thought provokes expansive emotions like love, peace or compassion, you are going in the right direction.

Depression or fear is on the low spectrum of vibration while joy and love is on the high spectrum of vibration. Although an expression of fear is just as sacred as an expression of love, fear is less evolved because it invokes separation, while love is more evolved because it is moving toward oneness – evolving toward “The One.” There is no accident that you can find the word love in evolve.

The one thing to remember is that negative thoughts and emotions produce low vibrations, whilepositive thoughts and emotions produce high vibrations.

What Keeps Vibrations Low?

In order to raise your vibration, it is important to understand that your natural vibration is the high vibration of love, and if you were to let go of everything that keeps your vibration suppressed, your energetic frequency would effortlessly rise up, like releasing a cork that is held under water you would rise to the top.

The major causes of low vibration include :

  -  Fear of survival or worrying about the future.
  -  Shame about the past or holding onto the past in some way.
  -  Limiting or false beliefs like scarcity, powerlessness or victimhood.
  -  Criticism and judgment of self and/or others.
  -  Feelings of unworthiness.
  -  Negative thinking.
  -  Not trusting yourself or the Universe.

The most common issue that keeps vibration low is focusing on what we do not want;consciously and unconsciously imagining negative outcomes and undesirable experiences, this includes past, present and future.

When a problem, or even a potential problem, arises, it is human nature to focus on the problem, but our vibration cannot be any higher than the source of our focus. Or, maybe we choose to fight against the problem, but this also leads in the wrong direction, because whatever we fight against, we give energy to, thereby lowering our vibration to match that which we are fighting against. If you desire peace but you are fighting against war, you are aligned with war and you will vibrate at the level of war. Be “for” something – not against. If you want peace, be peaceful. If you want love, be loving.

The good news is, at any moment you can become responsible for how you feel and how you vibrate and you can raise your mental and emotional energy to a vibrational point where problems become a vibrational match for solutions.

How Do We Live at Higher Vibrations ?

Once again, if you want to raise your vibe, it is essential to Master Your Thoughts, but there are some more pivotal pieces to the puzzle. I am going to show you how to align with higher vibrations so that you can be the change you want to see in the world, but first, I want to remind you that you are not a race car driver, so don’t expect to go from zero to ninety in five seconds. As you take inspired steps to raise your vibration, it is important to be patient and kind with yourself. The following is not shared as a “to do” list, but rather as an empowering guide on your personal path of evolution.

Master Your Beliefs

Since beliefs are conditioned thoughts, every belief has a corresponding vibration. This means that you can raise your vibration by releasing disempowering beliefs, such as victimhood and powerlessness and embracing empowering beliefs. The more you believe in your ability to consciously create, and the more you believe that the Universe unconditionally supports you, the higher your vibe will elevate. It is important to practice the beliefs that will take you where you want to go.

Own Your Worth

As you reclaim your worth and you stop asking the outside world to prove that you are worthy, your vibration will naturally rise, and you will discover that your worth is guaranteed and inherent. Not only do you not have to do anything to prove your worthiness, trying to prove it, keeps you from it – as you cannot prove that which you are. As the sun will rise and the air is free to breathe, your intrinsic worth cannot be taken away, no matter what you do or don’t do.

Meet Your Own Emotional Needs

As you stop sacrificing or compromising yourself in order to get your emotional needs met, your vibration will naturally rise. Meet your own emotional needs: appreciate yourself, understand yourself, accept yourself, acknowledge yourself, listen to yourself. Give yourself full approval to live your life like you really want to live it!

Take Responsibility

In order to be a Consciousness Shifter, you must take full responsibility for your life and every experience in it. This means that nothing is happening to you, and everything is a reflection of you or a complement to you. As long as you blame the world for your woes, you are powerless to create and you keep your vibe low. Conversely, as you take more and more conscious responsibility for your life, your vibration will naturally rise.

Stop Reacting

Every time you negatively react to reality, be that a person, place or experience, you give your power away and you lower your vibration to match that which you are reacting to. The trick is to stop taking things personally – and to drop your version of the story that caused you to react. It is just a story and no stories are true unless we make them true.

Don’t Catch the Dirty Rag

Just because someone throws you a dirty rag doesn’t mean you have to catch it – that rag likely contains low vibration energy. You are not here to be a “negative energy sponge.” If you are going to be responsible with your vibration, you cannot afford to take on other people’s negative energy.

Sweet Surrender

You are a beautiful evolving being and more often than not, evolution is a death and re-birthing process – the death of who you are not and the re-birth of who you really are. This means that it is necessary to surrender whatever no longer serves you or supports your highest good. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Dump the Drama

Many of us are addicted to drama and we don’t even know it. Yes, drama is entertaining to participate in and to gossip about, but it is not worth the cost of your vibration. Drama requires low vibration thoughts, emotions and beliefs, which get acted out in a dramatization. Who cares who did what to who? It is just not worth it – forgive, forget, move on. Dump the Drama!
how to conciously raise your vibration

Become the abundant individual you deserve to be, by simply learning to consciously raise your vibration.

Be a Conscious Creator

It is powerful to notice what is wrong, but don’t get stuck there. Instead, “use problems” as emotional leverage to bounce off – and into the solution. If you know what you don’t like, you can turn it around – and know what you do like. If you focus on the problem, you are sustaining a state of destruction (this is why if feels so bad). If you refocus your energy and attention on what you do want, you have aligned with the solution which exists on a higher vibration. Once you are aligned with the solution, your inspired action will result in exponential results. This is the act of conscious creation.

Practice Allowance

Go with the flow, stop criticizing and allow everyone to be who they are. Every time you judge or criticize yourself or others, you stifle your vibration. Judgment and criticism are vibration suppressers, even if they are offered with good intentions. As you practice allowance, for yourself and others, your vibration will naturally rise.

Find a Bridge

Lucky for us, there are many bridges that allow us quick access to increased vibration, such as forgiveness, gratitude and letting go.
The bridge of forgiveness can take you from shame to relief.
The bridge of gratitude can take you from fear to love.
The bridge of letting go can take you from overwhelm to peace.
This powerful combination of energetic tools allows us to heal ourselves and rise up to be rightfully whole.

Follow Your Inner Guidance

Your body is an amazing navigational device and it will let you know exactly where you are vibrating. Whether guidance comes from your heart, gut or third eye, learn to listen, and if something doesn’t “feel” right, it is not right. Instead of resisting the guidance from your body, course correct your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Offer Contribution

Most of us have a natural desire to contribute to others, or to the world. If we contribute from a space of obligation, fear or guilt, we offer a low vibration which is counter-productive to our greater purpose -and also to the contribution itself. Feeling sorry for someone is judgment and therefore projects a low vibration, while compassion is seeing another through the eyes of Source and responding from love. This means that before offering your gifts, talents or any form of contribution, you must be clean and clear with your thoughts and intentions and you must align with love so that what you give comes from the space of love – and projects the high vibration of love.

Embrace Self-expression

Be brave to be different, express yourself, speak up, tell your truth, get over pettiness, stop caring what other people think, and think for yourself. Shine your light! This is not the time to be shy. Do a dance and spread your wings – you never know just when you will fly.

Spread Love

The simple yet profound act of choosing love and expressing love raises your vibration. You are made of love – and so is everyone else, even when it seems not to be the case. As you express and spread love, others will feel this great love and they will begin to find it in themselves. As you raise your vibration, the by-product of your purpose is to spread an Epidemic of Love.

Connect with “It”

The more you connect with your higher power or whatever you might call “it,” the higher your vibration will rise. There is no right way to connect – you can get connected in any way that makes you feel aligned with life and the Source of Life. The practice of connecting is a practice of letting go. You cannot be connected and holding on or grasping for anything or anyone at the same time. Mediate, go for a walk, dance, pray, paint, sing – do whatever it takes to let go and get connected. Trust yourself and trust the Universe – it’s all going to be fine.

You Don’t Get a Second Chance

Your life is a precious gift and you don’t get a second chance. If you believe that you are here to make a difference, the time is now. The days of hiding behind fear, unworthiness or shame are gone. You cannot afford another lost day to the bottomless pit of false beliefs that have held you prisoner. You and only you have the key to unlock the binds that have kept you small and uncertain. That key is courage. The courage to be who you really are. The courage to go well past your current comfort zone. The courage to stand up, speak out and be the glorious expression of who you came here to be.

It is time to reclaim all your power from everyone and everything that you have given it to, and take that power and allow it to fill your soul. Luxuriate in the energy of self-love – and from this place of absolute fullness, give it all away through unbridled acts of kindness, and the unique expression that can only come from you. As you make the highest choices for yourself, you also make the highest choices for the planet and humanity. Ultimately, you become the change you want to see in the world.

About the author :
Nanice Ellis has been a professional Life Coach for over 17 years, successfully coaching women and men from all over the world. She is also an author, Theta Healer and Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner.


Author's page : http://howtoraiseyourvibration.blogspot.com/2011/08/dr-judy-satoris-eating-plan-to-assist.html

              How To Raise Your Vibration with FOOD

This blog spot has been created to assist you in the Raising of your Vibration. It will provide tips, tools, techniques and knowledge to help you expand your consciousness and raise your energetic frequency.
Monday, August 22, 2011

Dr. Judy Satori's Eating Plan to Assist With The Ascension Into The 5th Dimension

                                         Healing with amino acids

As the human body ascends, our nervous system is being re-calibrated and upgraded. During this process it will be very important for us to eat enough foods that manufacture neuro transmitters, which are amino acids (proteins) to our entire nervous system. If we are depleted in amino acids our neuro transmitters may malfunction and the result will be a depressed mood, problems with our thinking and physical problems such as high blood pressure, appetite irregularities, erratic body temperature, sleep disturbances etc... ~ Judy Satori

Judy states that we can really influence the state of our nervous system through our diet ~ it is very important to get an adequate amount of protein.....particularly PLANT BASED protein however, fish and organic, humanely raised poultry are also acceptable.

This is Dr. Judy Satori's 5D eating plan. She recommends eating a daily diet incorporating foods from each one of the amino acid groups.

Amino Acids - Foods High in specific Amino Acids :

 * Alanine :
Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, avocado, chicken, salmon

 * Arginine :
Peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds,walnuts, lentils (raw), flax seed, beans, soy beans (green, raw), tofu - extra firm, raw garlic, egg yolk, chicken, fish

 * Asparagine :
Asparagus, poultry, eggs

   Aspartic Acid :
Asparagine, arginine, lysine, methionie, threonine, isoleucine, & several nucleoticles
(Low levels chronic fatigue & decreased cellular energy.)
Soy beans - raw, peanuts - raw, lentils - raw, almonds, chickpeas, flax seed, salmon, egg yolk

* Cysteine
Poultry, yoghurt, egg yolks, red peppers, garlic, onions, brussel sprouts, oats, wheat germ
Synthesises Gluthionine - important for eyes & liver to detoxify free radicals. The ultimate antidote for lead, metal and cadmium poisoning.

   Cystine :
Cystine needs methionine to synthesize it into glutathionine.  Needs to be bioactive and undernatured or it will not work.

 * Glutamine :
Poultry yoghurt,cottage cheese, raw spinach, raw parsley, cabbage, fish, dairy
One of three amino acids involved in gluthionive synthesis - the others are cycteine & glycine. Intracellular antioxident & liver detoxifier.  Glutomic Acid is an important neurotransmitter.
* but depleted under stress

 * Glycine :
Fish, beans, dairy
Manufactured in body from serine and threonine.  Required for synthesis of nucleic acids.  Helps with absorption of calcium.

 * Histidine :
Dairy, meat, poultry, fish, rice, rye
For growth and repair of tissue - maintenance of myelin nerve sheaths. Lengthens orgasms.

  Hydroxyproline :
Egg white, wheat germ, ostrich meat, red & blue berries, lean ground beef
Needs Vitamin C - For Collagen Synthesis.

  Isoleucine :
Egg white - dried powder, seaweed dried, spirulina, parmesan cheese, non fat dried milk, lentils, sunflower seeds, chicken, almonds
For hemoglobin synthesis for muscle building.

  Leucine :
Soy beans, lentils, fish
Needed for protein synthesis - skeletal muscles.

  Lysine :
Poultry, parmesan cheese, cod, sardines, eggs, soy beans, tofu, spirulina, beans, lentils
Converts fatty acids into energy, helps maintain blood cholesterol. Formation of collagen Helps body absorb and conserve calcium

  Methionine :
Sesame seeds, soy, protein, brazil nuts, wheat germ, fish
Needed to synthesise cysteine, carnitine, taurine, leelthin, choline, phospholipids.  Improper conversion of methoionine can lead to atherosclersis.
AUG encoded by single codex in DNA

  Phenylalanine :
Cottage cheese, fish, sesame seeds, lentils, avocados, almonds, peanuts
Converts to tyrosine in the body.  No repinephrine, neurotransmitter - dopamine.

  Proline :
Gelatin, shredded parmesan, non fat dried milk
Collagen synthesis.

  Serine :
Dried egg white powder, seaweed, spirulina, sesame seed
Stimulation the synthesis of glucose (blood sugar) in the liver.  Foods high in serine stabilize blood sugar.

  Threonine :
Dried egg white, seaweed, spirulina, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds
Supports cardiovascular, liver, CNZ, immune functions, builds strong tooth enamel, muscles, collagen.  Helps stimulate thymus gland.

  Tryptophan :
Fresh and dried cherries
Not Melatonin.  Effects on synthesis - release of serotonin important for sleep and mood.

  Tyrosine :
Raw flax seed, pineapple, kelp, sunflower seeds, tofu, turkey, almonds, banana, baked potatoes, spinach, lentils, peanuts, soy beans, figs
Important for neurotransmitter production.  Dopamine - also important to sex drive.

  * Valine :
Egg white, parmesan shredded, spirulina, peanuts, vegetables

Bold = essential to the body                              

 *   Can be manufactured by the body


Source : http://perceptiontrainers.com/?p=1160
Vibration Is Everything – Where Are You At ?

Hello :) Today I want to talk to you about vibration. First things first – I totally understand if this sounds like a hippy dippy, airy fairy, non sensical, non factual thing that people who are superstitious say. Science has now caught up to what the ancient masters of our planet have known forever – that it is our vibrational state that communicates with out universe. It is our energy field – our protons to be exact – that are interacting with our world, sending out messages that the universe is then responding too with like messages. But lets back up for just a moment, and look at this from a purely scientific perspective.

First, lets look at the 7 laws of the universe, or the 7 Subsidiary Universal Laws :

1. The Law Of Perpetual Transmutation : Energy is always shifting, moving and changing state and form and then flowing back again. No energy is ever stagnant – it is always moving.

2. The Law Of Relativity : Nothing has any quality – such as being ‘good’ or ‘bad’ until you relate it to something else. Generally speaking, everything ‘is’ until we put it into context.


3. The Law Of Vibration : This law states that all things are vibrating, all the time. Those items with higher and higher densities will have higher and higher vibrational frequencies, those with lower densities will have lower vibrational frequencies. Different emotional states have measurable vibrations. You can read more about it in the book titled “Power Vs. Force” by David Hawkins. You can see the results of his experiments in measuring emotions and their vibrational states here:

                                            It’s Science. We didn’t just make this up!

4. Law of Polarity : Everything has an opposite – hot vs. cold. Opposites are always equal in their opposition.

5. The Law Of Rhythm : Everything has a pattern.

6. The Law Of Cause And Effect : Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is how we learn in life :)
Everything we do creates an effect – and it is up to us to determine if the effect was desirable or not, thus helping us to determine if we would like to repeat the action.

                                                Cause and Effect

7. Law Of Gender : Our planet generally operates in the male/female dichotomy. The more we can learn to balance these two energies – to unite them as one - the better we feel.

So, what do we take from all that ?

  -  You are a thing – meaning that you are energy.
  -  The energy that is ‘you’ is constantly shifting, moving, changing state – meaning that energy is in a pure energetic state, becomes physically ‘you’ for a while, then passes on through back into pure energy again.
  -  You – your cells, your thoughts, your heart beat – all have a vibration. This vibration is also variable and changes based on your density. Low density thoughts and emotions have a low vibration. High density thoughts have a high vibration.
  -  Your energy, your vibration is moving through you then out back into the universe constantly.
  -  The action of your energy and vibration conversing with the energy and vibration around you has an effect – every action has a reaction. Your vibration is changing your environment, causing it to respond directly to you.

Thus, your vibration is the main determining factor in the reality that you are going to experience.


Why do I say “the life you are creating for yourself?” I say this because you are energy in constant motion (Law number 1), and because you are constantly emitting a vibration (Law number 3) that is igniting a cause and effect reaction in your reality (Law number 6). This means that you are in effect creating your reality. If you were not sending vibration and energy out into the universe, there would be nothing to come back to you – there would be no opposite pull of that energy being re-absorbed by your being (Law number 4).
The only reason you are having a sensory experience at all, is because you are constantly shifting energy – sending it out and absorbing it back in. This energy is what is underlying all that is. All movement, thought, words, feelings, have an energy and have a vibration. All of these vibrations have an effect.


This effect you are having on the universe is not in a vacuum. You are responding to the vibrational outputs of everyone and everything else around you, and the world around you is responding to your vibration (Law number 2.) If you had no vibration or energy to measure your vibration and energy against, there again would be no experience because you need something to make you experience relative too, in order to understand it as anything at all. Without this context everything would just ‘be’ and life would be very, very different.

All of this is simply demonstrating the fact that you are creating your reality through your vibrational state.

So, How Do You Know What Your Vibration Is ?

The easiest way to describe vibration, to gage what your current vibrational state is, is to check in with your feelings.

                How is your body feeling right now?

                What is your current emotional state?

                What kind of thoughts are you thinking on a regular basis?

                Another big clue – what are your experiences like?

When you are first tuning into this idea that you are creating your reality based on your vibrational state the easiest way to get a sense for where you vibration is generally at is to look at your current life experiences.

  -  Are you experiencing lots of conflict in your relationships or do you feel loved and supported in general?
  -  Are you constantly having trouble with money, or do you find that money is something that comes easily to you?
  -  Do you have continual health problems or are you in a general state of good health?
  -  Does life seem more like a struggle, or more like something you can ease your way through?

As hard as it may be to come to terms with this idea – you are attracting all of your experiences into your life.

Now, I understand if that feels like a giant sweeping statement. It may even sound like I am blaming you for the ‘bad’ things that are happening in your life.

This is not the case, I promise. Instead of perceiving this as me telling you that you are making your own life hard, see if you can re-frame it to the understanding that you are not a victim to life! You can learn to understand your own vibration, you can learn how to create a new vibration and thus create a new culmination of life experiences for yourself. With this knowledge you are no longer a slave to any ‘default’ vibrations you may have been operating under up until now. Now you can CHOOSE to make your life different from where it really counts – your vibration.

The truth is, the universe is simply responding to your vibrational requests, as well as to the vibrational requests of everyone that is in your reality. So you are collectively creating your experience. I don’t want you to take this to mean that you are a victim to the vibrations of those around you – this is not true either. You can be unknowingly agreeing to take part in the vibration of those around you, and thus in their chosen experience without necessarily creating that exact vibration yourself, but on some level you are still agreeing.

Which again, means that you can take your power back and choose to opt out of the vibration of those around you and choose your own.

I want you to take a few days to sit with all of this and digest it. I invite you to tune into your body, into your thoughts, into your feelings at several different intervals throughout your day and notice where they are at. Then I want you to look at your current life experiences. Really take a good honest look. See if how you are thinking and feeling on a regular basis is being reflected back to you in your physical reality.

            As above so below

Again, this is NOT so you can place blame on yourself or anyone else. This is simply a practice in awareness. In my next post, I am going to go into how you can use this knowledge to your advantage. How you can shift your own vibration consciously, to help you create more desirable life experiences. I will show you that bringing yourself into vibrational alignment with your true, core self is really easy, can be very fun, and will make you feel so much better on a regular basis. For now, just notice.

Next Chapter (from the same author) : Vibration Is Everything – Your How To Guide To Manifestation


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