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Side Note:  Dr. Clark did NOT die from cancer, as many of the propaganda machine websites would like you to believe!  She died following complications from a severe infection she acquired during a surgery she needed on her hips.

Hulda Clark Zapper

Dr. Hulda (Regehr) Clark had an earned PhD in physiology so she was a classically trained biomedical researcher. She was one of the courageous pioneers who came along after Royal Rife. She did a lot of research on using frequencies to detect microorganisms and destroy them. She invented a very simple device called a “Zapper” that cost less than $10 in parts and runs on a 9 volt battery. It uses two hand held electrodes like the ones used on many hand held rife machines. It produces a ~30 kHz output that only has the positive half of the wave cycle. The wave never goes negative so it is really just a series of positive pulses which is half of a wave, not a true wave.

Her original theory was that most of the nasties have a negative charge and that the positive pulses destroyed them. However later after more research she concluded that what was actually happening was that many pathogens have the ability to lull the body’s natural defenses, principally the white blood cells, into a less active state. 
Her theory was that the positive only pulses reawaken and energize the white blood cells so that they start doing their job and attack the pathogens. She also theorized that many of  the nasties were negatively charged and liked to  hide in pockets in the cell walls. She thought the positive pulse attracted and dislodged the negatively charged nasties so that the body’s white blood cells which were energized by the positive pulses could attack and kill them.

According to Clark, all disease is caused by foreign organisms and pollutants that damage the immune system. She asserted that eliminating these organisms from the body using herbal or electrical means while removing pollutants from the diet would cure all diseases.

Major methods

Diet Cleanup: Clark said food and supplements were sullied by contaminants such as heavy metals and mycotoxins.

Homeography: According to Clark, a "new science ... which is the electronic analog of homeopathy." She said an electronic signature of a substance can be transferred into bottles making a "bottle copy" of the original substance and that it can be done indefinitely.

Liver flush: She advocated the use of a "liver flush". She said it removes gallstones and parasites from the liver and bile ducts. This involves fasting, epsom salt laxatives and a mixture of olive oil and grapefruit juice. (the latter being known to interact with many prescription drugs)
See our topic "Liver Flush : the original recipe by Dr Hulda Clark"  >>> HERE <<<

Parasites: Clark said people have parasites that cause numerous problems. She described herbal and electronic methods to remove them, such as her Zapper device.

Syncrometer: A "bioresonance" device developed by Clark and claimed to detect contaminants in substances at an accuracy of one part per quadrillion (ppq).

Zapper: A device to pulse low voltage direct current (DC) through the body at specific frequencies. Clark said this device kills viruses, bacteria and parasites. In one case, a patient with a cardiac pacemaker suffered arrhythmias as a side effect of her "Zapper."

Tony Brown interviews Dr Hulda Clark


Downloads :
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Hulda Clark_The Cure for All Cancers  (PDF, 662 pages. 3.5 MB)

Hulda.Clark.The.Cure.For.All.Advanced.Cancers (PDF, 634 pages, 12 MB)

Hulda Clark_The_Cure_for_All_Disease (PDF, 631 pages, 5.5 MB)

Hulda Clark _Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual  (PDF, 194 pages, 1.5 MB)

Hulda Clark _Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual 2  (PDF, 241 pages, 56 MB)


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