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" I LOVE YOU !! " in poor or developping countries : don't be fooled !!!



" I LOVE YOU !! " in poor or developping countries : don't be fooled!

In many poor or developping countries, foreigners are fooled by beautiful girls telling them "I love you" every five minutes, instead of a more appropriate "I like you".

Why ?

This purposely common mistake takes root in their different culture, mentality, education, religion, and this mistake is frequent but purposely, I insist on this point.

Thailand, as an example

In a developing country like Thailand, famous for attracting sex tourists from all around the world, most of sex-work girls are coming from ISSAN (one of the poorest rural provinces of the country) and are the most money-addicted.
Their conception of love is far from what you know, but money is something they understand very well and is their true hidden goal hidden behing their smile and their I Love You(r Money).

                Fake Love

Having spent 20 years in Thailand and travelled in neighboring countries, I will try to explain the difference between western and asian cultures to don't get you fooled and to don't spend (a part of) your life with someone who, in fact, doesn't love you but only loves your money and the comfort and luxury they can get (new home, new car, last fashion, new iPhone, ...).

Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Samui, ... are places filled with go-go bars and prostitutes looking for a kind-hearted foreigner to free them from poverty and are trying hard to "hook you" to take care of them financially, but also to take care of their "poor family" .

Unfortunately, this lack of feelings is not limited to sex workers.

In these (self-centred Buddhism) developing countries, sex is only linked to procreation, not pleasure, and their knowledge about love (feelings for their partner) is very limited if not absent.
For these (buddhist) asian women there is no feeling during sex, just financial interest, and a beautiful body with some simulation during intercourse are their best tools to earn money.
This is Buddhism !

So ... be careful to don't take their "I love you" "to-the-letter" and jump on this fake feeling to make a baby and marry straight away, expecting to have a beautiful and happy life with a lovely and warm-hearted woman. For many of you, afterwards, this will not be the life and family you have dreamed of, believe me !!

I met too many foreigners living with a (non-loving) asian wife, often having a baby born by "accident", and grumbling hard for their mistake and incomprehension about love in Asian countries.
I am one of them, so I can testify of this huge problem between asian and western cultures (but I love my child so much).
Love is not an "Asian feeling". Period.
(I saw the same problem in Africa : love is sex, sex is love. Pity !)

Our (western) conception of love doesn't exist yet in these countries.

For these unhappy western-asian families, many fights, suicides, murders, broken families, destroyed kids, ... are (and unfortunately will be) the sad result of this huge error by unaware or misinformed foreigners.

Don't be one of them !!

To avoid this, if you meet an asian woman, first check her (real) professional background, (real) assets,  and visit her (real) family. I say "real" because these women are used to tell you endless lies about themselves.
It may help you A LOT before starting a relationship !!!

My final advice

For your sake, stay away from Asian women !! Instead, choose someone with the same culture as yours.


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