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(Laurent Glauzy)

When we type "vaccine", "clay", "charcoal" on our search engine, a multitude of articles mention the following process. The advice I've heard many times about using green clay is not to use it with a metal spoon.

First of all

    Prepare in advance a thick poultice (approx. 1cm) of green clay spread out in a gauze or cloth 10 to 15cm on the side. And also equip yourself with a band and / or plaster, some aspi-venom. Preparing this material in advance is necessary, as it will be a race against time afterwards.
    Immediately after the injection, use the aspi-venom at the site of the vaccine to remove as much of the product as you can, but do not spend too much time there. For example, you can go to the toilet in the center to do this.
    Then place this poultice, still at the site of the vaccine, pressing down enough so that the paste is in good contact with the skin. Secure it together with the adhesive plaster, then bandage it with the strip.
    Keep this dressing for at least two hours. During this time, the product will be reabsorbed by the green clay.

Complementary treatment 1

But we must not stop there and be careful. Complete this solution to make sure that all the venom (vaccine) has been absorbed. You can therefore add the following adjunct treatment:

    Use activated carbon (vegetable). One capsule every 1/2 hour during the day. Warning ! Taking charcoal can reduce or even negate the effects of drugs, so if you are having medical treatment, do not take charcoal.

Complementary treatment 2

In general, especially if you cannot take activated charcoal, it is necessary to temporarily stimulate your immune defenses.-For safety reasons, we can also stimulate the defenses by the following different methods, as desired or in combination :
Magnesium chloride: 40 ml of solution for an adult, 25 ml for a child, three times a day, on the day of vaccination and the next day:

    Dissolve 20 g (about 9 teaspoons) in 1 liter of hot water,
    Drink hot or cold at your convenience,
    1 glass 3 hours before the vaccine, then another 1 hour before,
    Then 1 glass every two hours (without exceeding 6 glasses),
    The next day, drink 5 glasses a day for 4 days,
    Keep the rest if there is in the fridge.
    Keep in the fridge.

You might have diarrhea, but it won't last long. Otherwise, you can decrease the doses a bit. This method will considerably increase the production of antibodies which will expel the toxic products contained in the vaccine.

Complementary treatment 3

    Take 30 drops (in water) of grapefruit seed extract, 3 times a day for 2 to 3 days.

Grapefruit seed extract was discovered in 1980. Its field of action extends to about 800 strains of bacteria and viruses, and also to about 100 strains of fungi, as well as to many unicellular parasites. . In addition, it also stimulates your immune defenses (instead of weakening them like antibiotics, vaccines, fear, loneliness ...) Unlike antibiotics, it has no toxicity, except in cases of overdose, as with everything!

Warning ! If you are having medical treatment, you should know that it inhibits the active substance of a number of medicines. You must learn about this subject (the internet is full of this information).


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