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TIPS to install HHO system in your car


Locations For System Install

     The first task is to find good placement for the HHO Generator and the Water Tank.
Many of the other components are fairly easy to find installation space.

     The most popular space for newer cars is directly behind the front grille, and in front of the radiator. Often there is a 'vanity' panel or another type of removable plastic cover that allows access to this space.

     Consider you best overall location based upon visibility and heat. We obviously do not recommend installing any cell near the exhaust manifold or exhaust pipes of the vehicle. If you are planning on using the vehicle as for demonstration purposes, you may choose to install it in a very visible area to show.

Many locations exist including:

    In front of the radiator and behind the front grille
    Under the hood, near the firewall
    Along the chassis rails, generally accessible from under the vehicle
    Under the battery box

(NEEEEEXT TRICK: isolate the water tank and the HHO generator from the direct heat from the engine by using a stainless (or aluminium) plate between the engine and the HHO system. Simple and efficient)

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