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Our eyes are used to see the world in 3D, but what if our eyes can see more ?

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How to see a stereogram ?

We have 2 eyes at 15 cm between. This is why when we look into the real world each eye sees the world from a slight different angle as the other.

In the beginning, the idea behind the making of stereograms was to show each eye a different image. The brain gets the 2 images, interprets them and creates the depth feeling.

There are two methods for viewing a stereogram: parallel viewing and cross-eyed viewing method. Most of the stereograms are made to be seen in a single way – parallel way. This view technique requires that the eyes take a relative parallel angle and focus somewhere behind the image. Cross-eyed viewing asumes that the viewer focuses his eyes in front of the picture - this is where the name commes, the viewer has to cross his eyes.

    You should see a village with a castle on top

The big question is "How can I see that?!"

viewing technique

The first thing you need to know is that not everybody can see the 3D illusion in a stereogram. The persons with visual impairments affecting one or both eyes can't see the 3D illusion.

While some of us can simply see the 3D image hidden in a stereogram, most of us have to train our eyes to see the illusion.
How to view a 3D Stereogram    

Bring the stereogram image really close to your eyes (until you touch it with your nose). At this distance your eyes cannot focus on the image and they look somewhere behind the image. Now, slowly push the image away from you, while trying to keep the eyes off focus. At some point you will see the hidden image.

Another method is to take an object and put it behind the image (about half of meter behind it). Now, focus on the object behind the image while keeping the eyes looking at the image.

Do you remember how is the feeling when you are drunk? Your eyes don't look at the object arround you, but rather through them. Well, this is actualy what we are trying to achive (look through the object, not get drunk, loll). If you can manage to get your eyes off focus, at some point you will be able to see the hidden image.

If you're not train to look at stereograms, this might take you some time. First time I've looked at a stereogram it took me like an hour to finally be able to focus the eyes correctly to see the 3D image.

Free High Quality stereograms :

Examples :

    Letters  P  T

    Beautiful 3D bubbles

    A Diplodocus

    A beautiful Dragon Head

    More difficult : animated stereogram !! You should see a ball and a cube spinning

    Another animated stereogram : Hollow Earth spinning

How Stereograms work :

Build your own 3D stereogram online :

Free softwares (Windows) :

- Download link : Stereogrammer FREE

- Download link : Stereogram Lab MTS v1.0 FREE   or    HERE
Website :

- Download link : Stereogram Maker 2.1 FREE   or    HERE
Website :

Note : If you are having trouble seeing the hidden images in the stereograms on this site, several viewing tips are provided below:

    With your eyes about 18 to 24 inches from the screen, choose a spot in the center of the image and stare directly at it.

    Continue to stare at the image and let your eyes relax.  Try to focus your eyes as if you are trying to look through the image at something behind it.

    Your eyes may go slightly out of focus - this is ok.

    After a short period of time, you may start to see some depth appear on the image.  If this is the case, then you are very close.  Hold your eyes on the same spot and continue to let the hidden image move toward you.

    If you do it properly, you will now start to see the hidden image.

    If you still can't see the image, keep trying.  There is a hidden image or 3D element in each of these image.  Don't give up!

Have FUN !!!


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