WHAT SHOULD WE DO NEXT ? > What we really MUST change for the future of humanity

Reduce world population (today : 7.6 billions)



By keeping anarchic and non-controlled birth rate, earth population will reach very soon 10 then 15 billions around 2050 with all problems associated : food, water, space, social, low level of natural ressources, pollution, more global warming (and natural disasters) linked to increasing human activity, quicker spread of deadly or harmful diseases, wars spreading rapidly, ... the list is endless.

Experts agree we must reduce population from 7 billions to 4 or 5 billions maximum.

This can be done with birth control (1 child less for each couple) for only 20 years, then surpopulation problem is over.

Benefits of keeping a reduced population :

- pollution decreases
- global warming decrease
- earth recover slowly from various damages done by humans
- natural ressources slowly recover to a safe level
- reduce industrial farming for organic or bio culture instead
- more land (or space) for each of us
- less neighbouring conflicts
- less social conflicts (linked mostly to poor economy)
- better education of our kids
- more safety
- global health improve
- ...

Inconvenients : none


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