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The health of our liver is extremely crucial to long-term health. A congested liver is the root reason behind many modern diseases such as acne, yeast infection, leaky gut, etc. A friend of mine literally cured her chronic acne after doing a series of 10 liver flushes in the span of 4 months. Doctors have found that in almost all cancer patients, the condition of their liver was extremely poor.

A congested liver is ultimately caused by an overload of toxins. As a result, the toxins eventually circulate back into your bloodstream, where it can end up anywhere - your joints, brain, heart, or other organs. Your kidneys become burdened by the extra workload, which contributes to the vicious cycle. If your colon is clogged as well, the liver has an even tougher time eliminating your toxins.

A congested liver, like a clogged colon is caused by these factors:
- A poor diet consisting of foods that kill: refined carbs, hydrogenated fats, preservatives, and foods with hormones
- Toxins found in the environment such as pollution
- The over-use of antibiotics and drugs.
- Our lifestyle, and stress.

To start a simple liver cleanse, this is what you will need :

- Apple juice or malic acid supplements
- 4 tblspoons of Epsom Salts.
- 1/2 Cup of Virgin Olive Oil
- 1 big grapefruit, or 3 lemons.


1. For 4-5 days before your liver flush, eat as many apples, or drink as many apple juice as you can. You can take malic acid supplements if you wish if you can't drink the juice. In the last 2 days, drink 8 oz of apple juice every 2-3 hours. Doing this will help ensure the liver flush is successful.

2. On day 6, eat a light breakfast with no fat. This enables the bile in your liver to accumulate, putting pressure in your liver. This pressure will eliminate more stones in your liver.

3. At 2:00 PM, the same day, mix 4 tblspoons of Epsom Salts in 3 cups of water, pouring all this into some jar. Do NOT drink or consume any foods after 2 PM. This is extremely important! Put this jar in the cooler/refrigerator to make it cold

4. At 6:00 PM, drink 3/4 cup of this mixture. It will taste very bad... but you can add 1/8 tablespoons of powdered Vitamin C to make it taste better.

5. At 8 PM, drink another 3/4 cup of thix mixture. Get all your errands done, and prepare for the liver flush. You shouldn't be doing ANYTHING after doing a liver flush, just lying down and sleeping.

6. At 9:45 PM, pour 1/2 cup of virgin olive oil into a jar. Squeeze the entire grapefruit into the mix, removing the pulp with a fork, or chopsticks. You should have 1/2 to 3/4 cups of grapefruit juice mixed with the virgin olive oil the jar. Close the jar, and shake it very hard until it is all liquid.

7. At 10 PM, drink this mixture. You may drink it through some large straw if that makes it easier for you. Try to get it all down by 5 mins or so.

8. Lay down in your bed as soon as you are down. This is crucial, and most people do this wrong. Don't do any work, don't even bother brushing your teeth! Just lay down immediately! Lay on your right side, with your right knee up towards your chin for 20 or so mins. Stay still, and try not to move at all. Try to sleep.

9. The next morning, when you wake up, drink a 3rd dose of your 3/4 cup Epsom salts. You can go back to sleep afterwards.

10. Two hours later, drink the last dose of Epsom salts.

11. Only after 2 more hours can you eat anything, but do not eat solid fruits just yet. Start with liquids, and move slowly to fruit.

What can you expect?

The next morning, you can expect some sort of diarrhea (this is caused by the Epsom salts). You will or will not see some gallstones afterwards. Some people just eliminate regular wastes, but others eliminate hundreds of gallstones. Look for green, round things - these are gallstones. if they're float and are green, they are gallstones.

Most people don't even get gallstones in their first liver flush. Be patient! Wait one more week before you do another liver flush. I know a friend who didn't pass any stones the first 3 times she did a liver flush, but lo and behold, the 4th time she did it, she eliminated almost 500+ gallstones in one liver flush.
Our poor liver wasn't caused by 1 day of poor dietary habits - we can't expect it to be solved by just 1 day of liver flushing.


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