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A "bit" of common sense and a "drop" of logic



A "bit" of common sense and a "drop" of logic
(your suggestions will be added here)

The dictatorship of greedy politicians and multinational companies is soon over.

We know most of politicians are greedy, selfish, corrupted, liars, thieves, ... just to name a few.
Multinational companies play in the same yard.

Citizens must manage their own country, not politicians

All over the planet, citizens must take back the control of their own future for a healthy and safe planet and for this they must :

- abolish politics
We know politics (and religions) bring wars, conflicts between citizens and nations, lying and cheating since ages to hold power and control our lives but also for money (their unique goal, in fact).
We don't need politics and religions to manage our countries, organize our lives or tell us what to do or think.
Competent citizens will do the trick in their respective part, without money as their main goal.

- create a new governement with elders, wise and skilled citizens
This will change totaly the way our wold is spinning, for the good of everyone and not of a few (10% only today).

- establish new rules and laws
Smart and skilled citizens with take care of this with wisdom and common sense.

- abolish religions (but you can still practice in private if you wish)
Very few will complain, excepted extremists and those "Mad of God".

- reform of the money (digital instead of cash)
To avoid fraud, corruption, thieves, loss, murders, ... secure both the seller and the buyer, and to avoid big international companies to control our lives, destroy our health and manage our system globally
- close Wall Street (and similars) and all financial institutes (banks, ...)
Only greedy people will complain, not simple and honest citizens whose money is not the main goal of life.

- reform of the educational system
A well educated kid is more joyful, more smart, more quiet, more social, has better manners, more kind with others, more patient, more healthy, ... and will be more helful to keep this planet healthy for next generations.

- reform of the Justice
Punishment is NOT the key but education is.

- stop globalization for some products
Import/Export of some products like food allow germs/bacterias/viruses/insects/animals/... to affect the countries of destination, causing more harms than benefits, endemics species not beeing designed to fight these new invaders, hence affecting the natural balance of nature.
If I live in England I don't need to eat coconuts but I will be very happy with local fruits and vegetable of known origin and quality.

- close junk-food factories
Nobody (or very few junk-addicts) will complain,

- banish harmful ingredients and most of chemical medicines
Back to the old "mama recipe" , ancient medicines, ...

- abolish the use of harmful chemical products for farming
Less quantity but better quality. Health is the main goal, no more money.

- encourage organic food development
Reduce extensive farming for smaller surfaces with better yield
- encourage developpement and use of eco-friendly energies
Stop pollution by fossil energies, create autonomous systems (wind, solar panels, magnetic motors, HHO engines, Tesla Towers, ...)

- encourage developpement of eco-friendly homes and buildings
Better integration with nature, better heat management, reduce CO2, save energy, natural and harmless construction materials, ...

- birth control to reduce global population to a maximum of 4 to 5 billions to minimize our negative impact on Earth
The increasing population brings more poverty, social conflicts between people and nations, deforestation for farming and profit (which is already the root of many problems), hunger, drought, more global warming with natural disasters and innocent victims, ...
Solutions : Birth control (1 child per couple, then 2 or 3 childs per couple to keep this number).

- Reduce tourism and its negative impacts on nature and locals
Only ONE travel oversea per year, use of eco-friendly local transportation, brochure about local culture and rules, recyclable containers for drinks, ...

- ...

(your suggestions will be added here)


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