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The Human Energy Field
Jun 27, 2015

Bio-electric Field

The human energy field is a multidimensional vibrational field that incorporates a fascinating mixture of subtle, electromagnetic and electrical energies. This extraordinary human energy field, also known as the bio-auric field, was first scientifically measured in the 1930’s by Harold S. Burr, a professor of anatomy at Yale University of Medicine. Burr was an impressive researcher and teacher of Neuroanatomy and Bio-electrodynamics. The human energy field is already known to many people throughout the world as the aura – a multi-layered energetic atmosphere surrounding each of us that also interacts with other people’s auras, our environment, and the atmosphere of the earth.

Highly Sensitive Atmosphere

The human energy field is a highly sensitive and intangible aura that contains every aspect of our consciousness in energetic form. It is not only the container of our soul and higher subtle energies, it is also an energy system that works interrelated to all of our other energy systems. You can compare this to the way a hard drive within a computer stores all of the input and output data recordings. Not only does the human energy field contain extraordinary amounts of information about us, it also processes and transmits this information to other interrelated parts of our multilayered field.

Distinct Patterns of Energy

Our human energy field is extremely complex, highly intelligent and it also displays very distinct patterns of energy. These energy patterns include electromagnetic waves, different degrees of vibrational intensities, magnetic and dynamic polarities, and unique modulation patterns that incorporate different flows, pulses, shapes, and rhythms. And all of these energy patterns work in correlation with the typical state of our mind, our body and our soul (consciousness). What we believe, think, feel, say, and do instantly affects our energetic patterns. All parts of us therefore create the astonishing human energy field. When our consciousness naturally evolves through spiritual growth and transformation, then our human energy field alters its distinct patterns and increases its vibrational frequency. We become lighter in essence (more enlightened), and our human energy field via our soul, is able to hold more light. The more light our soul is able to express, the more spiritual power we will contain to transform our life experiences into radiant joy and fulfilment.

Colors Expressed in the Human Energy Field

Through extensive and impressive laboratory experiments, numerous colors were seen to exist within the human energy field as a person was being measured by electrodes that were carefully placed on their skin. Different colors correspond with different physiological changes expressed in a person’s body. Blood pressure changes, and changes in brain wave patterns and respiratory functions are all affected by a person’s moods. When we experience any degree of stress it instantly affects our energies, shifting them into irregular patterns and flows, and we also display certain colors to match the frequency of the stress we are under.

The Effects of Healing on our Human Energy Field

When a person is ill, their human energy field is out of kilt, energetically weak and is unable to perform at optimum frequency. Because all of our energy systems are interrelated, they all affect each other. By working on any aspect of our bio-auric field, we are able to improve the quality of our energies as a whole system. This invaluable support is necessary – in regards to helping to boost our general vitality and empower our immune health. Medical doctors are now beginning to research more into the subject of energy medicine, as they acknowledge that our body is more than just a machine, it is also the vehicle for our consciousness.
The human energy field will therefore continuously be researched as we move into exploring ever deeper dimensions of this astonishing force within and around us.


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