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Bending metallic objects with your mind



Bending metallic objects with your mind
Source : Bending metallic objects with your mind

Another aspect of Telekinesis is the bending of metallic objects, most famously spoons, and also influencing objects in other ways for example mechanical devices such as causing a watch or a clock to stop or start.

It is important to know that the power of the Mind truly is infinite, and can therefore influence physical and non-physical objects in a potentially infinite number of ways, both subtle and no so subtle.

There really is nothing "paranormal" about Telekinesis, bending spoons or influencing any object in any way; we all enjoy these same latent abilities. The only reason people believe these "phenomena" to be "paranormal" is because over the course of thousands of years mankind has forgotten these abilities exist in the first place.

Another reason why these natural abilities have not been widely accepted is because there are always plenty of so called "scientists" queuing up to contrive "rational" or "objective" or even "scientific" explanations where none exist. Of course as scientists are supposed to be respectable people they tend to be believed generally.

All Telekinesis is based upon the same Universal truth that everything in the entire Universe is one and that no separation exists whatsoever. Everything in the Universe therefore can be considered to be an extension of your own physical body, the components of which can be influenced just as easily and in an infinite number of ways.

Atoms, molecules and sub-atomic particles are still physical, three dimensional manifestations of the same thing; "Energy". But this Energy is not simply "Energy", it is rather conscious, intelligent, vibrating Energy that responds to thought, a fact that has been fully proven by quantum physics.

The most basic unit of Energy is the "Quanta", and it is these Quanta that respond instantly to our thoughts, and therefore as everything in the Universe are "made" of Quanta, everything in the Universe is influenced by thought.

So now let us proceed with the bending of a spoon, knife fork or similar.

Start by taking your desired kitchen utensil. Absolutely any kitchen utensil will do, the material does not matter at all. The more sturdy it is of course the more certain you will be when you bend it. Also keep in Mind that once bent you will not likely be able to bend it back into shape again, so best choose an old utensil that you are not concerned about rendering useless.

For the purpose of this exercise we will assume a spoon is to be used. Commence by taking your spoon and placing it upon your table in your personal space.

Next sit on your chair in your usual position, spine straight and not leaning against any backrest, close your eyes and go through your now familiar relaxation and Telekinesis meditation exercises.

During your meditation, focus upon your spoon, knowing, beyond all doubt that you and your spoon are one and that there is no separation whatsoever.

Now open your eyes and take your spoon into your left hand, gripping it lightly it in the middle between your thumb and middle finger.

Next raise the spoon so it is just in front of you and begin to feel the connection between yourself and the spoon. Feel your atoms and molecules flowing into and back out of the spoon, merging and intermingling with its structure, knowing, beyond any doubt that you and the spoon are one and that your Energy is fully merged with the Energy of the spoon. Feel the Energy seamlessly circulating between your fingers and spoon.

Take a few moments to relax, maintain a clear Mind and feel the sensations of the Energy as it circulates through your fingers, around the spoon and back into your fingers once again. You may feel this Energy as a tingling sensation, warmth, vibration or one of any number of such feelings.

As you continue this for a few moments appreciate any sensations, knowing, beyond all doubt that you and the spoon are one and as such your Energy's are completely merged as one.

Now, using the power of your Mind alone, will the spoon to bend and know that it has already bent in accordance with your will.

Now firmly shout "bend, bend, bend", either aloud or in your Mind. It is most important to know, beyond all doubt that the spoon has already bent, not will bend, which implies that it will bend sometime in an indefinite future which will never arrive.

Finally, while maintaining your physical grip on the spoon, completely release from your Mind your focus on bending the spoon; simply let go completely.

This is a very important step and it is crucial that you completely let go in your Mind of all thoughts of bending the spoon while still holding it.

Very soon you will notice the spoon slowly but surely beginning to bend. Usually the spoon will bend upwards but it can bend downwards or even twist into any form or in any direction. As this happens notice now how "plastic" or "putty like" the spoon feels in your fingers as it bends.

Congratulations; you have now bent your first spoon using the power of your Mind alone!
Having achieved this for the first time you will find it a simple matter to bend more spoons at will.

You can also progress to bending much larger and thicker objects such as iron bars or indeed anything at all. As with all things you are only limited by your belief. If you can believe something, including the bending of an iron bar several inches thick is possible, then so it will be possible.
(Note from NEEEEEXT :
Napoleon Hill said : "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve")

Finally, and most importantly; give most sincere thanks to the Universe for the powers to do what you have just accomplished, for the assistance received, and above all in appreciation for being a part of All that Is.


Telekinetic Seed sprouting

Once you have successfully bent a few spoons or other metallic objects with the power of your Mind alone, there are many related things you can also do.

One of the most impressive is to sprout seeds using the power of your Mind alone. To do this proceed as follows: Soak some live, fertile, untreated seeds overnight in water. The seeds should be of the usual sprouting type such as soy beans, bean sprouts, cress etc.. Any of the usual seeds commonly used for sprouting and eating will do.

Now proceed with your relaxation and meditation exercises exactly as you would for spoon bending if you have not already done so.

Cup your hands and place a number of your pre-soaked seeds that have been dried off.
Relax and meditate on the fact that you and the seeds are one.

Next, feel Energy flowing down your arm, into your hand and into the seeds.

Now, either aloud or in your Mind shout "sprout, sprout, sprout".

Finally let go of the thought and your connection with the seeds completely.

You will then be able to watch as the seeds sprout instantly in your hand.

Finally, as always, most importantly; give most sincere thanks to the Universe for the powers for what you have just accomplished, the assistance received, and above all in appreciation for being a part of All that Is.


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