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How to Remove Black Magic Spells   

Three Parts :
Knowing Whether You're Cursed
Cleansing Your Spirit
Using Positive Energy

If you want to remove black magic spells, find out if you're really cursed in the first place. Once you are certain, work on cleansing your spirit. Wear an amulet, bathe in salt and herbs, or burn "uncrossing" incense.
Find and use positive energy through laughter, binding spells, or speaking with a spiritual healer.

Part 1

Knowing Whether You're Cursed

    See if anyone has reason to curse you. Examine your reasons for thinking you might have been cursed. Is there someone out there who wishes you ill? Why? It's unusual to be cursed by someone you don't know, so chances are if you're cursed, it's because someone you know has a problem with you. Here are the most common types of curses and hexes someone may have cast upon you:
        Love hex, making you fall in love when you don't naturally want to.
        Revenge spell
        Bad luck hex
        Anger boils curse
    See if your luck has been especially bad. If you've had a run of terrible luck, it might mean that someone cast a bad luck spell upon you. If mishap after mishap occurs out of the blue, and something just seems off, it's possible you need to take steps to remove the spell. Here are a few examples of circumstances that can occur if such a spell has been cast:
        You fall ill for no apparent reason (and it's definitely not just the common cold)
        You get bad scores on a test, even though you studied hard and were sure you'd ace it
        You have a bad acne outbreak right before going on a hot date, even though you haven't had a pimple in weeks
        You trip and fall right as you were about to score the winning point during a basketball game
        The car you're driving in breaks down, causing you to miss out on the biggest party of the year
        You find out your family is moving to a new city with no warning at all
    Realize that bad things aren't always a curse. No matter how bad things seem, chances are your luck has nothing to do with being cursed. Even if you have a few enemies, it's very rare that someone actually possesses the power to cause you harm from afar. Think through what's been happening and see if there's another reason why your life isn't going the way you want to. If you can't find any reason, and you're pretty sure someone has it in for you, then move on to techniques you can use to get rid of the spell.
        For example, if your boyfriend breaks up with you for someone else, it might not be because the other girl cast a bad luck spell on you; it could just be that he was ready to move on.
        Or if you come down with a case of hives, it could be you're allergic to shellfish or nuts. You should check into that.
        However, if you're quite convinced that you have an enemy who wishes you harm, you should definitely take steps to break the curse, just in case it's real.

Part 2

Cleansing Your Spirit

    Use an amulet to protect yourself. An amulet is an object you always keep with you to protect yourself from bad energy, hexes and curses. Keeping an amulet with you can weaken the effect of a curse or hex so that it can no longer harm you.
        An amulet can be any object that has powerful meaning and is sacred to you. A special piece of jewelry, a shell from your favorite beach, or even a length of ribbon you wore in your hair as a child can all be an amulet.
        Wear the amulet around your neck or keep it in your pocket at all times.
    Take a bath in salt and magic herbs. A ritual bath has the power to cleanse away bad energy that's harming you. If you feel you've been cursed, light some candles and draw a warm bath. Try to think only positive thoughts as you have a nice, long soak. Sprinkle one or more of following into the bath to increase its cleansing power:
        A pinch of salt
    Burn "uncrossing" incense. The same magic herbs can be burned to have and "uncrossing" effect, which means they break the curse or hex. It's not necessary to use every single herb on the list, but take as many as you can and bundle them up. Tie the bundle with a piece of string, then light it on fire (preferably outside or on a safe surface). By the time the bundle has burned away, the curse will be broken.
        Since mugwort, wormwood and vetiver are said to be particularly powerful when it comes to warding off bad spirits and breaking curses, you might want to carry some around with you. Fill up a small cloth sack with the herbs and tie it around your waist or put it in your pocket.
(Note from NEEEEEXT : white sage is also very good for removing bad energies)

Part 3

Using Positive Energy

    Use laughter to break the spell. Black magic takes its power from negative energy, and its opposite, positive energy, has the power to weaken it. In this case, laughter really is the best medicine, because you can use it quite effectively against any type of curse. You don't need a ritual or a spell: just your own well of positive energy.
        When you feel the effects of the curse around you, think of something funny and laugh. Focus entirely on a funny video or book and let yourself fully enjoy how it makes you feel.
        When you're confronted by the person you suspect cast a spell upon you, smile and be friendly. Crack a joke or two and try to laugh together. Even if the person doesn't find it funny, his or her power will be weakened by the strength of your positive energy.
    Try a binding spell that turns evil to good. This is a positive, white magic spell that spiritually helps the person's energy turn from negative to positive, so he or she can no longer harm you with curses and hexes. A binding spell will not harm its subject; it just prevents the person from hurting you further. Inscribe a candle with the person's name. As it burns down, repeat these words:
        I bring you forth from the dark and hold you to the light. Let not your past control my present. Let not my future be as dark as night. I meet and greet you with open arms, and move you back into the light. So mote it be.
    Talk to a spiritual healer. If you are convinced that a serious spell has been cast upon you, it may be time to talk to a spiritual healer who can help to remove it using a series of rituals. Talk to someone who understands what you're going through and knows the proper way to remove the curse so your life starts looking up again.
        If you are religious, you may want to talk with your religious leader for guidance.
        Talking to a psychic may help, but be careful to find someone who's authentic and well-versed in the ways of magic.
        It might also help to talk with a therapist who is open to healing through meditation, hypnosis and other techniques that can bring more positive energy into your life.

Community Q&A

    How I can remove a bad spirit from my body?

    Take some money in your right hand. Move it in a circle around your head seven times (from right ear to left ear). Give that money to a beggar. This practice is called Sadqa and it removes the evil eye and black magic from your body. For more intense spirits you can also use meat instead of money.

    How can I protect myself from the boomerang effect of cursing someone else?

    Try the golden protection spell of Hanuman: "Gods of power, Gods of death, Gods of good. I ask thee to protect me from evils and demons, Let them never come near me, Let it be, let it be. Protect me with thy powers." Use only if protection needed.

    How do I remove a bad spirit from my body?

    Carry around a serpentine stone, which will draw out the bad energy. If the stone agitates, place it into running water to rid yourself of the bad spirit. Before you begin to carry this stone, consecrate yourself with a fiery wall of protection oil bath. Also sprinkle cinnamon on your most vunerable chakra, and with the intent of giving the bad spirit a name, name it.

    My marriage life is full of quarrels. How can I fix this?

    A good start is to avoid articles about black magic spells. Your marriage requires good communication, not backhanded attempts to manipulate a person through magic.

    What should I do if I don't know the name of the person who made the hex, but I know who they are?

    It doesn't matter, a hex is a hex. As long as you know who the person is and can visualize them, you should be fine.

    What can I do if somebody has cast a spell on me not to conceive for 11 yrs and I have constant abdominal pain?

    First, consult your doctor to see if you have any medical problem regarding it. Once you're sure you are not affected by a medical condition, it's time to see if any cursed item is placed in your house by the one who did it. Search in the places where you would put it if you were the one doing it. Search for weird symbols, things with your hair or your belongings which you thought were lost for years. It is also highly possible you are the reason you haven't conceived.

    How do I get rid of a black magic spell on my friend that caused him two car accidents. He is in critical condition.

    Put an amulet on him. Then, take some money into your right hand and move it in circles (right ear to left ear) seven times, and then give that money to a beggar. This is called Sadqa and it removes black magic and the evil eye.

    I feel as if some people are having bad intentions towards me. Can you help me with this?

    Send the bad intentions right back. Prove that you're not to be messed with. Make an example out of the strongest one, the weak will fall in line shortly.

    How can I tell if someone cast a spell on me?

    It can be difficult to tell. Try going to a healer/psychic in your region and ask them to remove any spells/curses that have been cast upon you. Also, ask them to give you a protective spell to protect you from any future black magic.

    Is dreaming about loving someone a sign of black magic?

    People dream about other people for many different reasons. It could be a sign of black magic, but it may also just mean that someone is on your mind.


    Please Note: Casting any spells on yourself could come back on you three times harder because of the threefold law.

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