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Gerard Senehi ("The Mentalist") and the infiny abilities of our brain


                      THIS IS NOT "MAGIC", THIS IS TELEKINESIS !


                           Gerard Senehi website : http://www.experimentalist.com/

"The more we dare to stretch our minds beyond what we know, the more room we create to discover what has not yet been created."

Mentalist, mind reader, and corporate entertainer, Gerard Senehi defies all categorizations. He is recognized internationally not only as a brilliant performer but also as a true master of the art of mentalism. Ever creative, and wanting to always push the edge of what is possible, he creates an experience that inspires audiences to question limitations.

His corporate mentalist shows can support the kind of open thinking that makes it possible to take on new challenges. His impromptu approach to mentalism engages the audience while they witness things that are impossible right in front of their eyes, giving people an extraordinary experience and a sense of open possibilities ahead. He is also regarded by many of his peers as the best walk-around mentalist in the world. At corporate events the combination of walk-around mentalism and a formal show creates an experience people speak about for a long timeā€¦

Amazing mentalist Gerard Senehi on Ellen (YouTube)

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Not knowing and the space it creates to discover: Gerard Senehi at TEDxLowerEastSide

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Mind-bending tricks from the Mentalist | Gerard Senehi

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Know Not... Then Consider what's Possible: Gerard Senehi at TEDxNewEngland

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Published on Nov 26, 2012

The creativity of individuals in history who have pushed beyond what they could imagine, has given us the fundamental tools and ideas to further push beyond what we can imagine.
The more we dare to stretch our minds beyond what we know, the more room we create to discover what has not yet been created.
With a mixture of performance and storytelling, Gerard Senehi will take everyone on a journey of not knowing. It's not an ordinary journey, as the deeper dimensions of not knowing and their creative potentials for the future come into being only when we have a direct connection with infinity.


Gerard Senehi videos on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gerard+senehi


Links :

The Mystery Man

Experi-mentalism: Gerard Senehi at TEDGlobal 2012


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