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How to Make a Psi Wheel



               How to Make a Psi Wheel

               For explicative videos, go to this link : Make a Psi Wheel

Making a psi wheel can be an interesting demonstration of telekinesis for those who regularly practice it, depending on your individual perspective. Unlike a psi ball, a psi wheel creates a readily observable effect that'll have most people scratching their heads. This article will describe how to make and use one, followed up by some theories as to why putting your hand near a piece of paper can make it spin.



    Fold a small, square piece of paper or foil (about the size of a post-it note) diagonally. Crease.
    Unfold it and fold diagonally the other way. Crease. When you unfold, you should now have an "X" made by the creases.
    Turn the paper over and fold it lengthwise, crease, and unfold. Then fold it widthwise, crease, and unfold.
        This will create a plus sign (+).
    Turn the paper over again, pinching the "X" shape so that the center of the cross pops up, creating a dimple. This is your psi wheel.
    Push a needle, pointed end down, into an eraser. Make sure it's pointing up vertically, not lop-sided or leaning.
    Put the psi wheel on the needle, balancing the center of the folded "X" on the eye of the needle.
    Cup your hands at a distance around the wheel. You may notice the wheel moving, but scientists will tell you that the warmth of your hands causes the air on that side of the wheel to heat up; since heat rises, the warm air goes up, creating an upward current that spins the psi wheel. Try other approaches that can't be discounted as caused by heat. You don't even need to use your hands.
    Concentrate on moving the wheel; visualize energy flowing from your body, out of your hand, and pushing the wheel. Does it work better when you do that? If so, you might want to put that psychic energy to work and make a psi ball or use dowsing rods.

Community Q&A

    How do you visualize things?

    You imagine them. For example, if you read "apple," you should see a mental picture of an apple in your mind.

    How can I make a Psi ball visible?

    A Psi ball is just pure energy. It can only be seen in your mind because you are the one visualizing it.

    Is this something anyone can do, or are there people who can do it better than others?

    Some people have stronger abilities while some are weaker. But practice can help improve the skills needed.

    Can you make your psychokinesis powerful?

    Yes, but it takes practice, time, and effort. The more you believe in your inner power, the more powerful it can get.

    Can I use a pen instead of a needle?

    Absolutely yes, anything can be substituted as long as the wheel can balance.

    After I spin the psi wheel, I feel a little bit of a headache and my body parts start to hurt. What should I do?

    Meditating helps. Sometimes this can stress your brain, resulting in a headache.

    Exactly how big should I make it, in inches?

    Around 3 to 4 inches, or the size of a Post-It Note, works the best.


    You can also put both hands on two opposite sides of the wheel, or experiment to see which hand arrangements cause the wheel to the move in a different direction (or stop).
    If you only make the diagonal folds, the wheel will probably still work, as shown in the video.
    For another experiment, try placing the psi wheel under a glass bowl or jar. Does it still move by command of your hands?
    For another experiment, try to paint opposite sides of the wheel with black. the wheel will turn due to difference in heat.


Psi wheel video :

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