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Special Numbers : 366, 40, 10 and 2732


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The Divine Numbers
July 14, 2012

According to hypothesis of British authors Alan Butler and Christopher Knight and French author Sylvain Tristan, megalithic civilization of Britain (UK) and Britanny (France) used 366-degree geometry (also called megalithic geometry).  This geometry, whose origin is claimed to go back to c. 3,000 BC, would have used a 366-degree circle rather than a 360-degree circle as we do today.

Alan Butler also asserts that 366-degree geometry has been materialised on the Earth by what he terms Salt Lines – 366 meridians and 183 parallels crisscrossing the globe at regular intervals (the equivalents of modern-day 360 meridians and 180 parallels).

According to Sylvain Tristan, most of the world’s capital cities or sanctuaries of late prehistory and antiquity are located on the course of Salt Lines: it includes Stonehenge, Avebury, the Ring of Brodgar and Skara Brae (both of which are located on the 60th Megalithic parallel), Babylon, Assur, Niniveh, Thebes, Abu Simbel, Harappa, Mycenae, Athenes, Hattusa, Alesia, Teotihuacan (20th Megalithic parallel), Chichén Itzá, Tiwanaku and Caral. According to the author, such a situation challenges probability laws and can hardly been explained away by chance only, and thus is the result of some common knowledge held by the Megalithic civilisation that might have spread to different parts of the globe.  Tristan also thinks that the Salt Lines Prime Meridian could have been the Jordan River, a river that approximately flows in a north-south direction and along which numerous Megalithic sites from the 4th millennium BC are to be found. Although no solid link has ever been established between Megalithic sites of the Middle East and those of Europe, the Megalithic people are known to have been sailors. It is also known that the first phase of Stonehenge dates from c.3100 BC. Tristan claims that Stonehenge was positioned so as the number of degrees between the monument and the prime meridian be an integer.

Source: http://spcov.free.fr/site_nicoulaud/en/article.php
Special Numbers: 366, 40, 10 and 2732

The cosmological relationship of the Earth and the Moon shows the harmonious numerical design

Moon diameter = 0.2732 Earth (polar) diameter
Moon 0rbital period: 27.32 days
Moon rotation period: 27.32 days

366 degree geometry leads to another interesting number: 1/366 =  0.002732

Surface of a circle with radius R=1 is given by expression S = Pi x R2 = Pi x 1 = Pi
Surface of a square superscribed on this circle (side A = 2 ) is given by expression S = A x A = 4


French author Sylvain Tristan suggests that the numbers 366, 40 and 10 are not only fundamental to the Earth, the Moon and the Sun, but also to the human body and to water. In the water-based Celsius temperature measurement system, which is directly linked to base-10 numeration, the average human body temperature is 36.6 degrees, whereas the temperature of water at its maximum density is 4.0 degrees Celsius  (water is less dense when it turns into ice (solid state) at 0° C). 36.6 x 10 = 366 and 4 x 10 = 40.



When Arthur, Pierre and Thi Mi Linh, three brilliant British students from Avebury, Wiltshire, find a series of riddles in their pockets, they first dismiss them as a practical joke. But as their investigations lead them to an ancient 366-degree geometry based on the Earth’s fundamental data, they start wondering.
More bewildering still, as they start to find the missing pieces of the puzzle, they begin to grasp the meaning of this five-millennium-year-old secret once held by Jesus Christ or King Arthur, and to envision the far-reaching implications of an incredibly clever system which lies at the core of the world’s history.
When death strikes one of their best friends they realize their lives are in serious danger. So they set off for France, following the path of the ancient druids, to seek a lost city in a hope to find answers to their questions.

Sylvain Tristan talks about number …2732
In this video Sylvain Tristan, the author of the novel “The Divine Number,” talks about number …2732 – the reciprocal of 366!
(1/366 = .002732). This number mysteriously recurs in the physics of the universe, the Moon and the Earth, water and the human body. Mind-blowing facts about our world…

Sylvain Tristan talks about the “Divine Triad”
In this video Sylvain Tristan, the author of the novel, talks about what is called in the book the “Divine Triad,” i.e.numbers 366, 40 and 10, which recur both in 366-degree geometry and in the physics of our world.
The author doesn’t really think these numbers are “divine,” yet they appear to be encrypted in the physical fabric of the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, temperatures, etc. It is probably one of the world’s greatest mysteries.

About the Author
Sylvain Tristan teaches English in a secondary school in Chambéry and at the University of Savoy in the French Alps. He has also lived in New York and Moscow.
His first book, “Les Lignes d’or” (“The Golden Lines”), was published in France in 2005. In this essay he argues that all of the world’s ancient capitals are located on Earth meridians and parallels belonging to the age-old, 366-degree geometry rediscovered a few years earlier by his friend and fellow writer Alan Butler.
In his second essay, “Atlantide, premier empire européen” (“Atlantis, First European Empire”), published in 2007, Tristan contends that the myth of Atlantis is based upon the reminiscences of a real civilisation of sailors — the Megalithic civilisation.
His first novel in English, “The Divine Number,” was published in 2012. In this thriller set in England and France, the author sums up his ground-breaking discoveries, and reveals new, mind-blowing facts about the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the human body.
In his latest essay, “The Gum Buk” (“The Grand Universal Mystery Book”), the author argues that humankind will survive only when Earth-dwellers have all agreed on acknowledging the existence of a Grand Universal Mystery which both transcends science and religion.
Science and religion are two coins with both a bright and a dark side. In this age where scientific progress has led us to the atomic bomb, dissension between science and faith, or discord between the world’s different religions, can potentially lead us to extinction. How can humankind hope to survive that?

Simply stated, pure science and religion lead to two distinct ways that look irreconcilable: faith leads to God, while science leads to GUT, the Grand Unified Theory of the universe.

In this book Sylvain Tristan will show you there is a third way: the way to GUM, the Grand Universal Mystery which transcends both religion and science. Acknowledging GUM might well be the common philosophy of life that will finally unite us all in the not-too-distant future.

Megalithic geometry: an overview

Megalithic geometry (also called 366-degree geometry) is the name given to an hypothetical geometry supposedly used and perhaps created by an alleged Megalithic civilization of Britain and Britanny, France, according to certain British authors Alan Butler1 and Christopher Knight, and French author Sylvain Tristan.

This geometry, whose origin is claimed to go back to c.3000 BC, would have used a 366-degree circle rather than a 360-degree circle as we do today.

Megalithic geometry according to Alexander Thom

                                         A stone ring

One of the first persons to associate Megalith builders with geometry was Scottish Professor Alexander Thom (1894–1985). Although he never hypothesised any 366-degree geometry himself, he strongly suspected the Megalith builders had great astronomical and geometrical knowledge that they used when building the stone rings of Britain: “geometrical shapes [were] used for the rings, i.e. circles, flattened circles, egg shapes, ellipses, and other more complicated designs.”2

According to him, these stone arrangements had astronomical alignments, and they used Pythagorean triangles and “geometrical figures which had as many dimensions as possible arranged to be integral multiples of their unit of length.”3

After several decades of research Thom arrived at the conclusion that the Megalithic builders used a standard unit of measurement which he dubbed the Megalithic Yard. According to him, the length of this unit was 2.72 Imperial feet or 82.96 cm.4

A geometry linked to the Earth's circumference?

According to Alan Butler this geometry was based on the Earth's polar circumference. The Megalithic degree is the 366th part of it, i.e. 40,008 / 366 = 109.31 km; the Megalithic arcminute is the 60th part of the Megalithic degree, i. e. 109.31 / 60 = 1.82 km; the Megalithic arcsecond is the 6th part of the Megalithic minute, i.e. 1.82 / 6 = 0.3036 km; if this Megalithic arcsecond is in turn divided into 366 equal segments, the length arrived at is 0.8296 m, which is the presumed length of the Megalithic Yard, the supposedly ancient unit of measurement independently discovered by professor Alexander Thom in the 1950’s.

This is precisely this apparent coincidence that prompted Butler to think that the Megalith builders could have been cognizant with an Earth-based 366-degree geometry.

A 366-day calendar?

Detail from the Phaistos Disc

According to Butler, 366-degree geometry is linked to the Phaistos Disc, an earthen artifact discovered in Crete in 1908, which could have been a Minoan calendar based on a 366-day year, the Phaistos Disc having 30 divisions on one side and 31 on the other: indeed, a calendar alternating 30-day months and 31-day months would result in a 366-day year.

This calendar would have been working on 40-year cycles, because a 366-day calendar gets exactly one month late in 40 years.

Thom had also hypothesized that the Megalithic Yard was divided into 40 Megalithic inches,5 a number that indirectly echoes the 40-year cycles of the presumed Minoan calendar in ancient Crete.

Butler also noticed that the division of the same Megalithic arcsecond into 1000 equal parts yielded a length of 30.36 cm, which is curiously that of the Minoan foot, a unit of length used in the Cretan palaces built roughly at the same time as the Phaistos Disc was made, and independently discovered by Canadian archaeologist J. Walter Graham.

A Megalithic pendulum ?

A pendulum

In another book coauthored with English writer Christopher Knight6 Butler wrote that the length of a pendulum giving 366 beats (or 183 periods) during one 366th of a day (which is approximately the time it takes to the Earth to spin one Megalithic degree) is one half-Megalithic Yard long. From that the authors suggested that such a pendulum could well have been used by these ancestral people to accurately reproduce the length of their yard.

Such a pendulum has never been discovered to this day. It should be noted, however, that in a book coauthored with Robert Lomas in 20017 in which the question of the Megalithic pendulum is discussed, Christopher Knight mentions the existence of what he calls ‘stone things’ (these are normally referred to as ‘carved stone balls’) from the Neolithic that have been found in numerous places of Scotland (more particularly in Skara Brae, cited by French author Sylvain Tristan as being located along the 60th Megalithic parallel -- see the section ‘Salt Lines’ below) and whose meaning is unclear, but that could have been pendulum weights.

Volumes and masses

A barley field

In the book Civilization One, Butler and Knight contend that the basic units of volume and mass of the imperial system, the imperial pint and the avoirdupois pound, are also derived from the Megalithic Yard. Just like the litre is the tenth part of the metre to the cubic power, the tenth part of the Megalithic Yard to the cubic power produces a volume of ( 82.96 cm / 10 ) third power = 570.96 mL, a very close approximation of the modern pint of 568.26 mL.

Similarly, this theoretical Megalithic pint, if filled with barley dry seeds, weighs on average a number close to 453.59 grams, which is the exact value of the avoirdupois pound.

Stranger still, the division of the Earth mass into 366 equal parts, then again into 60 equal parts, and then again into 6 equal parts, yields a result that is almost exactly 10 to the 20th avoirdupois pounds : 5.9736 X ( 10 to the 24th ) kg / ( 366 X 60 X 6 ) = 4.5337 X ( 10 to the 19th ) kg = 9.995 X (10 to the 20th) avoirdupois pounds.

Said differently, a one-Megalithic-arcsecond-thick ‘slice’ of Earth (at the equator) weighs almost exactly 10 to the 20th pounds, as though, according to the authors, the exact value of the pound had been adjusted so as to be a round subdivision of a one-arcsecond-thick slice of Earth in the Megalithic geometry.

Are 366, 40 and 10 fundamental numbers ?

Still in the same book, Butler and Knight claim that the Megalithic Yard is a fundamental number for the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. The Megalithic arc second as measured on the Earth equator is very close to 366 Megalithic Yards, while the lunar Megalithic arc second as measured on the Moon equator is very close to 100 Megalithic Yards, and the solar Megalithic arc second as measured on the Sun equator is very close to 40,000 Megalithic Yards.

In a book published in France and Canada in 20078 French author Sylvain Tristan suggests that the numbers 366, 40 and 10 are not only fundamental to the Earth, the Moon and the Sun, but also to the human body and to water. In the water-based Celsius temperature measurement system, which is directly linked to base-10 numeration, the average human body temperature is 36.6 degrees (according to Russian medicine9), whereas the optimal temperature of water (its maximal density) is 4.0 degrees.

Salt Lines

Alan Butler also asserts that 366-degree geometry has been materialised on the Earth by what he terms Salt Lines – 366 meridians and 183 parallels crisscrossing the globe at regular intervals (the equivalents of modern-day 360 meridians and 180 parallels).

The term Salt Line was created by Xavier Guichard,10 who was the first person to posit the existence of such lines in the 1920’s and 1930’s. After having looked at a map of France, Guichard had noticed a recurrent name which he linked to Alesia, the place where Julius Caesar defeated Gaulish leader Vercingetorix in 52 BC. At the time, Guichard thought the Bronze Age people had invented the 360-degree circle. But because the intervals between the lines were seemingly too small, nobody took him seriously at the time. It was only in the late 1990’s that someone (namely Alan Butler) had a second look on Guichard’s tentative hypothesis.

The Ring of Brodgar (60th Megalithic parallel)

Teotihuacán (20th Megalithic parallel)

The river Jordan: a natural north-south line regarded by Tristan as the Megalithic prime meridian

Butler explains the smaller intervals between the lines by the fact that in a 366-degree circle, you get a few more lines than in a 360-degree circle, which of course entails a slight decrease of the interval between two lines.

According to Sylvain Tristan,11 most of the world’s capital cities or sanctuaries of late prehistory and antiquity are located on the course of Salt Lines: it includes Stonehenge, Avebury, the Ring of Brodgar and Skara Brae (both of which are located on the 60th Megalithic parallel), Babylon, Assur, Niniveh, Thebes, Abu Simbel, Harappa, Mycenae, Athenes, Hattusa, Alesia, Teotihuacan (20th Megalithic parallel), Chichén Itzá, Tiwanaku and Caral. According to the author, such a situation challenges probability laws and can hardly been explained away by chance only, and thus is the result of some common knowledge held by the Megalithic civilisation that might have spread to different parts of the globe.

Tristan also thinks that the Salt Lines Prime Meridian could have been the Jordan River, a river that approximately flows in a north-south direction and along which numerous Megalithic sites from the 4th millennium BC are to be found. Although no solid link has ever been established between Megalithic sites of the Middle East and those of Europe, the Megalithic people are known to have been sailors.12 It is also known that the first phase of Stonehenge dates from c.3100 BC. Tristan claims that Stonehenge was positioned so as the number of degrees between the monument and the prime meridian be an integer.

Tristan also claims that the lost city of Alesia is not located in the village of Alise-Sainte-Reine as mainstream scholars contend, but on the double hill of the Montfault and the Glass Mountain near the village of Guillon in Burgundy. This location was first suggested by Bernard Fèvre in 1982.13 The hills are located on the course of a Salt Line and stand halfway between the cities of Aalst, Belgium and Alès, southern France, two cities whose name sound like Alesia and which are located along the same meridian.

See also
* http://www.civilizationone.com/reviews.html (includes a review of Civilization One from the British Association of Teachers of Mathematics)
* http://www.world-mysteries.com/gw_cknight.htm (extracts from a review of Civilization One by Colin Wilson in the London Daily Mail)

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Author's page : http://www.washingtondcschamberofsecrets.com/megalithic-measurements.html
Alexander Thom - A Forgotten Genius


Our original quest had nothing at all to do with Washington DC. We were trying to rescue the reputation of a man by the name of Alexander Thom. He was a Scot and was born in 1894. Thom would eventually become Professor of Engineering at Oxford University but outside of his career he had another interest. Thom was fascinated by the standing stone circles and avenues of Britain and France. He believed they had been constructed with astronomy in mind and so he set out to study and survey as many of them as he could.

For fifty patient years Alexander Thom, together with his friends and family, travelled all over Britain and to Brittany in France, carefully measuring these ancient treasures from the Stone Age and Bronze Age. He was able to prove just how carefully most of the sites had been laid out and confirm that there was an astronomical component to their creation. But Thom discovered something else. It sounded unlikely at the time but Alexander Thom became certain that most, if not all, the Megalithic monuments had been planned and laid out using the same unit of measurement. It was a unit that was 82.97 cm in length and Thom called it the Megalithic Yard.

Experts thought the Megalithic Yard must be nonsense. After all, how could such primitive people have dreamed up such a precise linear unit? And even if they had, how could they have kept it so accurate across nearly two thousand years and thousands of square miles? They said it was an impossibility but Thom wasn't interested in speculation. He was a scientist and so he kept on measuring and he kept finding the Megalithic Yard right up to his death in 1985.

It seemed to us that there must be something in the Megalithic Yard because the statistics of fifty years of work proved there was. So we set out in our first book to try and discover whether the Megalithic Yard was real, where it had come from and how it had been passed on from site to site and generation
to generation.
Civilization One - An Integrated Measuring System

In our first book together, Civilization One, we explained how the Megalithic Yard was made. It was quite straight forward really. The Megalithic engineers used a simple pendulum and an observation of the planet Venus during certain parts of its cycle to create a string length that was equal to exactly half a Megalithic Yard. Because the most important thing about this was the turning Earth, which is constant, and because pendulums always behave in the same way, the Megalithic Yard could be expected to be as near perfect as possible on any site where it was used. We were pleased that we had vindicated Alexander Thom but this was just the beginning of the story.

The Megalithic Yard proved to be far from a stand-alone unit. As it turned out it was just one part of a fantastic way of viewing the Earth, it's size, mass and its orbital characteristics. The Megalithic Yard, together with its companion measurements, the Megalithic inch and the Megalithic Rod, were simply the linear units for a system of measurement that encapsulated time, space, distance, volume and mass. What is more, the whole system was tied absolutely to the dimensions of the Earth, because underpinning everything was an amazing type of geometry that is no longer used in the world (Well only by a very few people and we will go into that later.)

Megalithic Geometry

The ancient peoples who built the Megalithic monuments relied on a geometry that had 366 degrees to a circle. It sounds odd but it's not really because this geometry was based upon the length of the Earth year. And when one views the rising and setting of a star, there are indeed 366 days in the Earth year, or at any rate the star rises and sets 366 times in a year.

To them, each degree could be split into 60 smaller units, which we know as minutes of arc, and each minute of arc could be split again, this time into 6 smaller units, which are seconds of arc.

If this is done across the surface of our planet an amazing thing happens. In terms of the polar circumference of the Earth, which they used exclusively, one Megalithic second of arc would measure 366 Megalithic Yards. The whole system is suffused with genius. It's so simple, and yet so accurate.

Fine, we hear you say, but what has this got to do with Washington DC? A good question and one that deserves a good answer.  But first of all you will need to know what made us look at Washington DC at all.

Washington DC, the First Surprise

We began to look carefully at Washington, using the powerful attributes of Google Earth and within minutes we found something just north of the city that looked surprisingly like a British henge. Of course it couldn't be one but nevertheless it became obvious that it had been created using Megalithic measures. This structure was Washington DC's Naval observatory, built in 1842. This was particularly apt because by now we were sure that the ancient British henges had also been astronomical observatories. But we told ourselves that the Washington DC Naval observatory must have Megalithic dimensions by sheer chance.

The Heart of the City

Once we began to look at the heart of Washington DC, our discoveries came thick and fast. What we found, within a matter of days, was something that shocked us then and which still stuns us today. The whole of the central structure of Washington DC revolves around a ground plan that was devised with the Megalithic Yard in mind. Further to this, the city was also planned using the geometric unit that is the Megalithic second of arc. In other words, distances between specific and very important landmarks in Washington DC can be divided into units of 366 Megalithic Yards, which is also one second of arc of the Earth's polar circumference.

There are so many instances in which this is the case that we cannot be looking at a random chance event. But don't forget, as far as we knew this ancient unit of measurement and the geometry of which it is a part had not been known for at least four thousand years! Yet here it was at the heart of a relatively modern city.

We kept looking and were intrigued to notice that most of the measurements, though not all of them, emanate from a specific point in Washington DC's centre. This is not, as might be expected, the White House or the Capital. Rather it is a park, just south of the White House - a park that was created just after the American Civil War but which must have been planned far earlier than that. Now called 'President's Park' this area was originally known as 'Ellipse Park'.

The Mysterious Ellipse

Ellipse Park, Washington DC

What could possibly be so special about this particular park? We know it was laid out in its present shape starting in 1867 but we also know that Ellipse Park was first suggested on the original plans of Pierre Charles L'Enfant, so it's origins go right back to the founding of Washington DC. Before we go any further we should point out that there 'is' something very important about Ellipse Park but it's not something that is generally known.

The District of Columbia, within which Washington DC the city stands is diamond shaped, and each of its sides was intended to be ten miles in length. I've highlighted it on the Google Earth picture below so that you can see what the Disctrict of Columbia actually looks like.

Ellipse Park and the Centre of Columbia

The diamond that is the District of Columbia

If we were to draw lines to connect up the corners of the diamond, north south and east west, we would arrive at a point that was the absolute 'center' of the District of Columbia. We are sure that those who planned Washington DC were very aware of this. The line that divides the District of Columbia from north to south was meant to run down 16th Street and right through the center of the White House, whilst the line that splits the District of Columbia from west to east was meant to run just north of what is now

Constitution Avenue

Surveying the land totally accurately was a difficult thing in the 18th century and a very slight mistake could possibly have been made. The absolute centre of the District of Columbia is a building 400 metres to the west of and very slightly south of the center of Ellipse Park. But for all the reason we will mention, we are confident that the planners of Washington DC considered the centre of the Ellipse Park to be the actual centre of the District of Columbia.

The Prime Meridian

The Columbia Diamond with letters

One reason we can be sure of this is because of the Prime Meridian. President Thomas Jefferson was aware that the new United States of America needed its own points of reference. In particular he thought that it needed a new 'meridian' - a line running north/south from which all other measurements in the country could be taken. He intended this line to run right through the middle of the White House and therefore right through the middle of Ellipse Park and he had it surveyed accordingly. We know exactly where this line was meant to be because at the very centre of Ellipse Park, and at ground level, is a small, stone block that marks Jefferson's proposed meridian.
Now take a look at the picture below.

The Marker Stone

The Meridian Stone

The line that runs from D to B, in other words the West East line, actually does pass through Ellipse Park, so it's really quite accurate. The line that runs from A to C is about 400 metres to the West of the Prime Meridian but it is clear that the centre of the Ellipse Park was considered to be the very center of the District of Columbia. The Marker stone is carved with the words and numbers 'US Meridian, 1890.'

The Importance of the Meridian Stone

Measurement across the Ellipse

It will become very clear that this particular location, where the Meridian Stone is to be found, is the spot from which the major structures of Washington DC were laid out.  This can only be because it was considered to be the most important place in Washington DC, even though there isn't actually anything much there to see. But we do have a clue because if we take a line across the widest part of the Ellipse, to the inside of the path that runs around it, that line will measure 366 Megalithic Yards.

The distance across the widest part of the inside of the Ellipse Park is 366 Megalithic Yards (1 second of arc of the polar circumference of the Earth.)

Distance from Ellipse Part to Capitol

Now we can begin to show why this location is so important. It makes connections in Megalithic units to so many other important places in Washington DC. The most important of these initially was to the Capitol Building, planned right at the outset of Washington DC but not actually completed until 1863 (and much altered since). The distance from the center of Ellipse Park to a position under the dome of the Capitol is 8 X 366 Megalithic Yards, or 8 seconds of arc of the Earth's polar circumference.
There are plenty more distances that run from the Ellipse that can be measured in Megalithic Second units  but some of the most surprising actually highlight the Ellipse as being so important. These run from the Ellipse centre to a series of important intersections. All are measurable in units of 366 Megalithic Yards. When they are placed on the street map of Washington DC, this is what we get.

Washington DC's Giant Megalithic Arrow

What we see is a giant and elaborate arrow, quite definitely and deliberately pointing to the very centre of the Ellipse. Each and every line is divisible into units of 366 Megalithic Yards (1 second of the Earth's polar circumference). Could this happen by chance? Utterly impossible. It was quite clearly intended to be this way, but of course you can't see the arrow unless you know what you are looking for.

Even Greater Surprises

Even if we allow for the fact that 'someone' knew about Megalithic measures and geometry when Washington DC was planned, what are the chances that 'someone' still knows? As it turns out the chances are very good, in fact it's certain they do. The Pentagon, which wasn't planned or built until the time of the Second World War, also connects in Megalithic units to the Ellipse center and to the dome of the Capitol.

Washington DC's Megalithic Triangle

The Washington DC Triangle, joining the Ellipse center, the Capitol and the Pentagon in units of 366 Megalithic Yards. Around all sides of the triangle is 33 X 366 Megalithic Yards or 33 seconds of arc of the polar circumference of the Earth.

The Mysterious Pentagon

Perhaps if we take a closer look at the Pentagon we can start to guess what is going on here. The Pentagon has quite intriguing dimensions.

The Pentagon and its Megalithic Dimensions

The Pentagon conforms in almost every respect to the sort of Megalithic measurements we find incorporated into the giant henges of Great Britain, which were built 5,500 years ago.

Each side of the Pentagon is 366 Megalithic Yards around the arc and the radius of the circle in which it is built is 233 Megalithic Rods. ( A Megalithic Rod is 2.5 Megalithic Yards. It is a unit rediscovered by Prof. Alexander Thom and it was used in the construction of the some of the bigger sites planned and laid out in the British Stone Age).

This number, 233 Megalithic Rods, is extremely significant because it is a number that came up time and again in our research. Our ancient ancestors clearly knew that any circle with a radius of 233 Megalithic Yards or Megalithic Rods would have a circumference of 1464 Megalithic Yards or Megalithic Rods, and of course 1464 is 4 X 366. In other words any circle with a radius or a diameter of 233 units is 'magical' because it also has an even number of the same units around its circumference.

You don't necessarily need to understand this, though it's actually simple enough. All you really have to know is that this structure, completed in the 1940's, is a Megalithic structure and has more in common with Stonehenge or Thornborough Henges than it does with any modern building.

Even More Recently

And if the 1940's isn't recent enough for you there is an even more recent use of Megalithic Measures in Washington DC. On April 29th 2004 a brand new memorial to all those Americans who fought in WWII was opened in the city. It is known as the National WWII Memorial and it is located between Constitution and Independence Avenue. The distance between the centre of the Ellipse that forms the WWII Memorial and the centre of Ellipse Park is 2 X 366 Megalithic Yards, whilst the distance from the centre of the WWII Memorial and the centre of the Pentagon is 8 X 366 Megalithic Yards.

It is clearly  not possible for such things to happen by chance. Anyone who was being truly impartial would have to admit that there is something quite obvious going on here, but of course nobody would notice unless they first understood the Megalithic Yard and Megalithic Geometry.

Washington Triangle plus WWII Memorial

The Washington DC Megalithic Triangle, plus the connections between the WWII Memorial, the Ellipse and the Pentagon (marked in orange with a red X indicating the WWII Memorial.)
Below you can see all the Megalithic lines that emanate from Ellipse Park and the Capitol. The Pentagon is not shown on this map and is located beyond the bottom left of the map.

The Masonic Connection

Masonic 33 degree symbol

A Freemasonic connection to all the Megalithic lines of Washington DC cannot be denied. Many of the Presidents involved in various critical stages of the development of the city were high-ranking Freemasons. These include George Washington, Andrew Johnson and Franklin D Roosevelt. There were others but these three men seem to have had the most influence in the development of this system of Megalithic measures.

In reality the later stages of the Megalithic adventure in Washington DC is, in itself, an allegorical story of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. In this branch of the Craft there are 33 degrees, or stages of initiation. Many Scottish Rite Masons achieve the 32nd degree but very few get to be genuine, full- status 33 degree Freemasons. Such a thing did not exist at the time of George Washington but both Andrew Johnson and Franklin D Roosevelt achieved this distinction.

The 32nd degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, like all the others, has a symbol, which in the case of the 32nd degree is a pentagon, as shown in the picture on the left.
It can be seen that within the 32 degree pentagon is a triangle, and this triangle is the sacred symbol of the 33rd degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Now look again at the picture below.

The Megalithic Triangle Washington DC

This triangle could not have come into existence, with its 33 X 366 Megalithic Yards (or 33 Megalithic seconds of arc of the Earth's polar circumference) until the Pentagon was created during the 1940's, on the express orders of 33rd degree Mason President Franklin D Roosevelt. In other words, the 33 degree status of Washington DC and therefore the United States, could not be conferred until the Pentagon of the 32nd degree was created. This of course brought the 33rd degree triangle into existence. If this sounds a  little far-fetched, you need to know what the 32nd and 33rd degrees are actually about.

The Story of the 32nd Degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry

The 33rd Degree Symbol of Freemasonry

Every degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry has its associated stories and rituals. In the case of the 32nd degree this deals with a young knight by the name of 'Constans'. Constans, in the allegory, is left alone all night in silent meditation at the alter of a chapel in a pentagon shaped army camp. He is told that he must not leave this place under any circumstances. In the ritual, the figure of Constans is tempted by a series of different characters, all of whom try to persuade him to leave his vigil and go off to do something else. Constans refuses all the temptations.

Finally, he hears that his camp has been attacked and that men are being killed and women are being violated. Despite his holy pledge Constans can no longer stay in silent meditation but dashes out to join in the battle.

When his companions return and find that he has gone, Constans is, at first, accused of being a coward and a man who breaks his word, because he promised to stay in the camp. But then a body is brought in on a bier and it is seen to be that of Constans, who, it is suggested, fought more bravely for his fellow men and women than any other soldier. He is therefore declared to be a hero and the best sort of Freemason.

The United States in the Late 1930's and Early 1940's

President F D Roosevelt

Many people in the United States wanted nothing to do with the wars that were ravaging Europe at the start of the 1940's and adopted an isolationist policy, a little like Constans at the alter of his chapel. But President Roosevelt and many like him could see that if the world was going to remain free and democratic, the United States, with its vast resources and its idealization of freedom would sooner or later have to join in.

Of course when Pearl Harbor was bombed, in December of 1941, the United States had no choice but to declare war on Japan, but we need to bear in mind that the Pentagon, home to the United States military effort, was started before this date. The Pentagon was commenced in September of 1941, two full months before Pearl Harbor. There was no doubt about it, the President knew for sure that sooner or later the United States could stay no longer at the alter of the chapel but would have to go out into the world and fight.

Earlier in his Presidency, President Roosevelt had promised that nobody's sons would have to die in some foreign war. This was a promise he had to break, but by building the Pentagon and completing the triangle across Washington DC, President Roosevelt was acting out the 32nd degree ritual on behalf of the whole of the United States. Every American citizen 'became' Constans and became worthy of the 32nd and ultimately the 33rd degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

And now bear this in mind. President Franklin D Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States!!! 

Niether this website or any of our books are appologies for Freemasonry. People must make up their own minds. Generally speaking we 'report' and we avoid making inflamatory comments. However, those who accuse Washington DC of being a haven for 'satanic' Freemasons, whose dubious objective is to build some terrible, oppressive world in which freedoms are extinguished, might do well to merely consider the story of the 32nd degree, the mythical figure of Constans and the actions of the United States of America at the start of the 1940's. Meanwhile, those people, in particular some Christians, who claim all Freemasons to be devil-worshippers might also consider these matters. In light of the assistance the United States gave, initially to Britain and then to the world directly during the whole of WWII, would it not be appropriate to quote something that Christians themselves are told to bear in mind?

'Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for a friend.'

And how much more virtuous still when he lays down his life for people he doesn't even know and for the cause of freedom?

What Lies Below the Ellipse?

The Meridian Stone Washington DC

All that can be seen in the very centre of Ellipse Park is the top of this small stone. Those who have occasionally looked for it have reported that it took a very long time to find below the turf. We have to ask ourselves these  questions: Why was this particular spot chosen to be the very center of the District of Columbia and why was this area chosen to be an open park, without any structure placed upon it?

Even more to the point, why does this insignificant stone mark the most prominant node of all the Megalithic measures that exist in Washington DC? We might further ask: why did someone create the huge and elaborate arrow that points to this small stone block in the middle of a grassed ellipse?

The Megalithic Arrow Washington DC

For centuries people, including the always entertaining Dan Brown, have been looking for something 'special', in Washington DC - some repository or chamber? Why should there even be one? It's as if it is common knowledge that such a thing was once created, but nobody knows where it actually is. Even Dan Brown reached the conclusion that this sacred site turns out to actually exist in the hearts and minds of the Freemasons who created Washington DC and indeed the United States itself. In other words it was never created in stone. But is this a cop-out because neither Brown nor just about anyone else knows where this 'chamber' or 'repository' might actually be?

There is good reason to believe this is, in fact, the case.

The Hidden Chamber of Freemasonry

Freemasonic Woodcut

This woodcut, used by Scottish Rite Freemasonry, shows Masons uncovering a subterranean chamber, generally said to be one located beneath the ruins of the Temple in Jerusalem.
The concept of buried chambers of one sort or another lies at the very heart of Freemasonic teaching and practice. This is often said to relate to an incident in the 12th centrury, when the first men of that organisation known as the Knights Templar, dug below the Temple Mound in Jerusalem, and recovered 'something' that has been an issue to the mythology of the Templars and to large elements of Freemasonry for centuries. We might refer readers to the book Chris wrote with Robert Lomas 'The Hiram Key', which deals with this issue in detail.

Many Freemasonic lodges across the world do have recreations of such a chamber, which are used for specific rituals within the Craft. It is entirely likely, in fact virtually certain, that such a chamber was placed at the very centre of Washington DC, at the heart of what is now Ellipse Park. And if this sounds unlikely, there is very sound evidence that the notion is not at all far-fetched.

At the Centre of the Ellipse

Lt Cl Thomas Lincoln Casey

Just after the American Civil War, during the Presidency of Andrew Johnson, who became President after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865, army engineers were set to work sorting out some of Washington DC's central areas. The work was supervised by Lieutenant Colonal Thomas Lincoln Casey. Amongst the jobs he had to do was to grade and lay out Ellipse Park.

In his 1878 report Casey noted that grading the land for the Ellipse was well underway but he also reported that he had not addressed the centre of the Ellipse because that was under the authority of 'the District Commissioners'. Casey suggested that sewage work was being undertaken at the centre of the Ellipse, and that this did not fall within his personal remit.

We have to ask ourselves whether this 'sewage work' was anything of the sort? We don't know what was being done, or how long it took but we are aware that whatever was happening was taking place at the 'center' of the Ellipse and that it was happening during the Presidency of Andrew Johnson, who was a known 33 degree Scottish Rite Freemason.

Apart from the fact that this appears to be a strange place to do anything with sewers at that period, it seems far more likely to us that the work at the center of the Ellipse was the excavation and creation of a chamber. When the work was finished the structure was covered over and the land graded above it. The only reminder that it is even there is that small, almost insignificant stone - which incidentally should not be there either. The original Meridian stone was located further south and was known as the 'Jefferson Pier'.

However, the location is marked by a huge and elaborate arrow, for those who know what they are looking for.

If the date is to be believed, the Ellipse centre stone was put in place in 1890. But if it is truly a stone meant to mark the line of the once-proposed Washington DC Prime Meridian, why is it so inconspicuous? In any case, by 1890 the US Prime Meridian was an obsolete fancy from a bygone age. It was never adopted.

What Does the Secret Chamber Contain?

The Whitehouse

This amazing spot, right in the President's back garden, remains completely unknown, even to most people who live in Washington DC. Of course they know about Ellipse Park, because many celebrations take place there, but they have no idea about what might be right under their feet.

In our book 'Before the Pyramids' we have speculated about what the secret chamber might contain, possibly treasures from below the Temple Mound in Jerusalem that then spent some centuries in Scotland beneath the mysterious Rosslyn Chapel. But we made it plain in our book that we are guessing. We have little more idea than anyone else what amazing revelations may lay just a few feet below the ground in one of the busiest and most well known spots in the world.

Part of the reason for this website is to get the informed ideas of other people as to the chamber's existence and possible contents. But our own story does have one more truly outrageous sting in its tail that we deliberately did not mention in 'Before the Pyramids.

The 9/11 Connection

Ground Zero, New York

One of the worst attrocities to take place in the modern world happened on September 11th 2001, when the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC were both attacked by commercial aircraft that were used, effectively, as flying bombs. As we all know, both towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed and the Pentagon was badly damaged, with great loss of life.

These events might seem to have nothing whatsoever to do with the Chamber of Secrets that we are certain lies below the turf at the center of the Ellipse Park in Washington DC, but there is a connection.

We were anxious to see whether that 'magical' spot at the centre of Ellipse Park showed connections with any locations and structures beyond Washington DC and we hit upon something remarkable.

We need to take a line from the center of the Ellipse, north east, through Mt Vernon Square, where the Historical Society of Washington Building now stands. If we continue along that line, after a long journey we end up in New York, and what is more, this line runs right through the middle of Ground Zero, the area where the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center used to be.

Of course this could be a random chance event, and indeed one would expect it to be, except for one important factor. The distance from the center of the Ellipse in Washington DC to the center of the Ground Zero site in New York is 366 Megalithic Yards X 1080. Maybe this doesn't look too impressive but it is. The distance between the Ellipse center and Ground Zero is 3 Megalithic degrees of arc of the polar circumference of the Earth! This measurement has the same relationship as all the others we have pointed out in Washington DC, it is divisible by units of 366 Megalithic Yards. Nor is there anything vague or approximate about this. Anyone can try it for themselves and they will discover that it is exact!

The Pentagon

The Pentagon on 9/11

There were four targets singled-out by the terrorists on September 11th 2001. Three of these targets were hit. The first and second were the two towers of the World Trade Center in New York, where both buildings were destroyed. The third target was the Pentagon in Washington DC, which was badly damaged. The best guess as to what the fourth target was intended to be is the Capitol in Washington DC. (In fact this is not a guess because it has been reported that Al Qaeda representatives confirmed this fact under interrogation.) This target was not hit since the plane intended to crash into it went down in Pennsylvania, some distance from Washington DC.

Assuming that the missed target was indeed the Capitol, there is a direct Megalithic connection between all the targets and the Chamber of Secrets at the center of the Ellipse. All are a distance from it that is divisible by units of 366 Megalithic Yards. And in the case of the World Trade Center the distance is exactly 3 Megalithic degrees of the Earth's circumference.

We would suggest that this is far from being a coincidence. The targets chosen for September 11th 2001 all seem to have been considered because of their economic or political significance but there may be more to this situation than meets the eye.

Later events, such as the siting of the WWII memorial, with its Megalithic significance, shows conclusively that an understanding of the positioning of significant structures in Washington DC is still understood by someone - and of course it has to be someone of great influence. Could it be that some of the Unites States' most implacable enemies are also in possession of the secret?

When President Roosevelt completed the 32nd and 33rd degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry on the landscape of Washington DC, he was doing very much more than simply committing his country to a war. He was declaring that "from this moment on, America will take its place as the most powerful and influential state on earth - that it is committed to building the New Jerusalem that lies at the heart of all Freemasonic tradition and ideals."

The actions of the bombers on 9/11 seem to have been specifically intended to destroy the 32nd and 33rd degrees in the most symbolic way possible - as well as saying in no uncertain terms "We Know!"

The Date Chosen

The Pentagon

Anyone who doubts this assertion needs also to consider the date on which the attacks took place. September 11th was by no means an arbitrary choice. Why? Because on that morning the Pentagon, as a project, was exactly 60 years of age!

That's right, the first turf was cut on the Pentagon site on the morning of September 11th 1941. And this date is of course much more significant than the start of a building project. The moment the United States was committed to creating the Pentagon, it was carrying out the symbolic 32nd degree Freemasonic ceremony that would automatically also lead to the 33rd as the giant 33 Megalithic second triangle across Washington became a reality.

This makes the attacks on that morning in 2001 all the more significant.

The Only Other Sensible Answer

We have now written a series of books together, starting with Civilization One. Although we never intended it to be that way, there is a common theme running throughout our books that has been winding-up for the last decade.

Having discovered the Megalithic system of measurements, we then went on to realise that these also worked perfectly on the Moon and the Sun, as well as upon the Earth. This should not have been the case. This forced us to look at the Moon in greater detail, and although it sounds crazy in isolation, we eventually came to the only sensible conclusion. Earth's Moon was artificially and deliberately created in order to allow life to develop and flourish on the Earth. And what is even more important is that whoever or whatever created the Moon, left deliberate and unavoidable messages that this was the case. We defy anyone who has seriously looked at these 'messages' to dismiss them out of hand.

In our book 'Who Built the Moon' we searched for possible culprits. Ultmately Chris and I have different opinions regarding what took place and who was responsible. My own answer will come in September of 2012, with the publication of my new book 'Intervention'.
Our research continues. For example, we are now working on the possibility that further messages, and probably more information regarding our origins could be contained in redundant DNA and though this is looking promising, we are by no means narrowing our search for additional proofs of our true legacy as a species.

It cannot be doubted that the events in Washington DC, both past and more recent, have alerted us all the more to the messages that exist all around us regarding the true origins of our planet and of humanity and it cannot be dismissed as a possibility that Washington DC itself is a deliberately created message.

Everything points to the fact that something truly remarkable is about to happen to humanity and that it is coming quite soon. Will we soon get to understand the truth of our planet's past and of our own existance upon it? It seems eminently reasonable to think that this is the case. And that truth could so easily be housed in the deliberately created Chamber of Secrets below the center of Ellipse Park at the heart of Washington DC.
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This is where we will put any new information that comes our way as quickly as possible and also where we will reprint the ideas of some of our collaborators. However, some of this material is both controvertial and sensitive, which is why we don't intend to put it on the main website, at least not until it can be carefully checked and verified. We will also carry any breaking news first in the Inner Chamber.

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