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Palmistry: Your Hand Expresses your Personality
by Anna Selner
Feb 27, 2011

Our hand, like the entire body, reflects our personality and our aspirations. Therefore, take advantage of those secrets that lie in your hands and can be disclosed. Here are some clues to decode the mystery hidden in your palm.

Palmistry: A hand that says a lot

Often we look to the lines of our hand with the hope that they will reveal their precious secrets. But it’s not just the lines. Other elements are also of interest: the shape of the palm, length and orientation of the fingers, the pad of the mountains are all indicators of your personality.

One hand has many great lines – narrow, fairly long, well marked, and preferably without breaking. In contrast, lines crossed, dilated (large), forks, islands, linkages are indications of interference. This is the case for most of us. A process of self-knowledge is necessary. Thoughts and beliefs should be reviewed, intentions clarified, and actions agreed on the deep desires.

It is here that the palmist can assist you with various tools that offer creative visualization. You will be prompted to review your mental attitude, your beliefs and especially your mental strength. It is they who unconsciously cause these breaks in your lines and do differ your life trajectory.

By viewing these lines with clarity, these images soak into your subconscious, and the path you must take to fulfill your mission in life will become simpler, since some nodes will be unconsciously undone.

For example, is your destiny line cut or tangled? Despite your efforts at completion, do you encounter all sorts of little pitfalls? The energy does not flow freely here. Visualize the long, sharp, and continuous lines. Your unconscious mind receives this message and promotes the actualization of your personal mission.

Different forms, distinct personalities

Just take a brief look at those around you to realize how diverse the hands are. Is the hand square? It is likely that this person is pragmatic and outgoing. Hi qualities are direct, fast decision making, and spontaneous action.

Is the hand of your partner rectangular? He is thoughtful, and his need to understand, find meaning in his actions is imperative. Here, energy is focused on introspection. He observes, analyzes and reflects. The decision is slow and the need for action is moderate.

Are your fingers short, long, smooth or knotty? Very short and smooth fingers imply high energy physics, where spontaneity, speed, need for movement dominate. Early actions are sometimes at odds with fundamental needs.

Very long fingers and knotty? Energy is primarily mental. Attitude is thoughtful, methodical approach, at times idle. The tentativeness can paralyze action.

Fingers like a carpenter or a musician? If it contains a grain of truth, the adage that predispose a person to long fingers of musical talent would not have much to do with agility (long fingers work more easily on the keyboard). It also points towards a stroke personality. Long fingers are equivalent to sensitivity and interest in the soul.

Palmistry and Hand Lines

The lines of the hand are the conduits through which flows the energy of self-realization. Some are described as major (life lines, head, heart), others are minor (for the igneous, magnetism, communication rings, Venus, Solomon, etc).

The lifeline : With the line of destiny, it is undoubtedly the richest source of information. Indicating not so much the length of life, it rather implies its energy quality (degree of vitality). It determines our life in terms of the degree of enthusiasm, even passion, whether we harbor a will, or not, to act to meet the challenges. These in the end, influence our lives and our future (destiny).

The head line (mental) speaks of refinement of the mind, and the ability to think objectivity. Very long headline indicates concentration, determination or stubbornness. And very short indicates a lack of tenacity, hard to discern the good, and high impulsivity.

The heart line is the barometer of your emotional health. It determines your ability for self-giving, social involvement, and forgiveness.

Line for talking about personal mission. If it is long, a quest for meaning is everywhere; and if absent, it gives carte blanche freedom to practice hard without getting caught up in the stimuli.

All these signs should be analyzed in the context, never in isolation. For example, a line of short life, coupled with a long line of destiny is a good thing that may not indicate a premature death, but a spiritual rebirth. Decrease of materialism and personal awareness of the mission are at stake here. Intrigued? A palmist professional can assist you in your discovery. It is not about fortune telling, but a branch of human psychology, called morphopsychology.

Did you know that your fingerprint is alive? Since your hand reflects your personality, any change of belief and perception will be reflected in the lines and signs of your hands. A conscientious palmist will not tell you what will happen, but rather the areas of your life that need to be worked upon!

Small vitality test : press your thumb on the Mount of Venus. If it rebounds quickly, your vitality is good right now. Is your pressure marked? Does the pad rebound slowly? Relax and review your lifestyle (sleep, physical activity and diet).

Note :
The palm lines are usually not fixed. It changes as you get older or you experience more and more. Whether you could have a good future, a happy marriage, a good job, a perfect health condition... is not solely decided by the palm line. It mostly needs your own effort and wisdom.
Keep a positive outlook on life, learn more about how to relate to other people well, and develop a good personality are what you should pay much attention to.


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