Hair : What does your hair say about your personality ?


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Source : What does your hair say about your personality ?
What does your hair say about your personality ?

In the ancient art of Chinese face reading, hair is considered an important indicator of a person’s personality.
The texture, colour, quality and profusion is said to give many clues to the character.

So what does your hair type say about you ?

Fine hair : This hair texture indicates someone who is emotionally sensitive and may be physically fragile, especially if she is slender.

Thick, wiry hair : This indicates someone who has robust health and physical prowess…she may be naturally sporty and have the ability to shine athletically.  She also has good powers of recuperation when unwell and enjoys rising to challenges. Tell this person that something can’t be done and she will go to great lengths to prove you wrong!

Curly hair : Someone with naturally curly hair is active and energetic and has a real fun side to her nature. If a person feels the need to curl her hair, perhaps with a perm, it shows that she needs to introduce more energy into her life.curly hair

Straight hair : Someone with naturally straight hair is said to be  easy-going and a relaxing companion. Not one for panicking ..she is someone you’d be glad to have around in a crisis. If a woman makes a point of straightening her hair, it  is said she wants to cultivate these qualities within herself

Long hair : The person with long hair is considerate and practical. She’s a bit of a free spirit and needs to go her own way through life. She is likely to have lots of creative abilities and flair and  therefore has the potential to go far in the world of self-employment.

Short hair : The shorter the hair, the more decisive is the person. Very short, cropped hair indicates someone who is ambitious, dynamic and possibly aggressive.

Shaved hair : Someone with a shaved head is full of dynamic energy, which often makes for a restless, often overly pushy, short-tempered and tense individual.


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Here's How Your Hair Part Can End Up Changing Your Entire Career
Rosebud Baker
Feb 10, 2017 1:37pm   

Let's cut to the chase: How much money you make, how hard you work and how deeply you care has nothing to do with whether or not you succeed.

It all comes down to how you part your hair.

You want me to back that up with hard-hitting research?

Fine, I will.

John Walter, a computer expert with training in nuclear physics and mathematics (BA, SUNY Oswego), and Catherine Walter, who trained in cultural anthropology (BA, SUNY Geneseo), have spent many years researching hair part trends and their associated personality traits.

According to their website,

    The way a person parts their hair is related to many subconscious associations when assessed by others. Each hair part type initiates cycles of behavior toward, and response from, the individual.

    Over time, these cycles affect personality development, perpetuating a system of cumulative and interactional continuity.

    Parting the hair on the left or right initiates, in viewers of the individual, subconscious associations with the aspects of cognition generally ascribed to the same cranial hemisphere that is accented by the hair part.

So, based on their findings, someone who parts their hair on the left activates a subconscious response from others that comes from the left hemisphere of their brains.

Since the left part of the brain rules logic, analysis and linear thought, someone who parts their hair on the left side will be seen as someone who is logical, organized and exuding confidence.

Because of the way they are treated by others, these people may develop a take-charge attitude.


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Please take a look at the videos below, where founder/creator John Walter explains the magic of how our eyes can sparkle in the True Mirror!  Then, watch as others explore the differences in the documentary.

John Walter explains the True Mirror

Seeing Your True Self with the True Mirror

John Walter himself can even attest to these findings:

    Twenty years ago, John Walter changed his hair part from the right side to the left side and saw his world of interpersonal relationships change drastically for the better.

A left hair part is also associated with masculinity, so women who part their hair on the left, like Hillary Clinton, for instance, may be seen as more masculine by observers.

The Walters found that people who part their hair on the right come off as more fun-loving and reliable.

They are viewed as easy to relate to and may give off a vibe of creativity and femininity because of the association to the right hemisphere of the brain.

Furthermore, those who are either bald or wear their hair parted in the middle or with no part elicit subconscious responses of being more balanced or neutral.

These individuals give off a grounded vibe of someone who really has their head on their shoulders.

So there it is, kiddos : Change your hair, change your life.

I've given you the keys to success, but it's up to you to open that door.


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20 Things Your Hairstyle Says About You

Your strands are saying more than you think.
By Carly Cardellino   
Aug 8, 2014

Not only can your facial features tell you a thing or two about yourself,, "your hairstyle can also reveal things about you," Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and author of The Wisdom of Your Face, says. Here, Haner tells what your strands most likely are saying about you, based on her studies in 3,000-year-old face reading derived from Chinese medicine.

1. If you have red hair, chances are you're fun.

Other hair colors mean something in conjunction with your facial features, but red hair is the only one that stands out on its own and means something by itself. If you have red hair (and even if you dye your hair red), it usually means you're fun-loving, hate to be bored, have a good sense of humor, and want to keep things light. They can also be fickle in relationships, because they like the infatuation stage of love. Sometimes they can even be drama queens. Conversely, they can also be shy and can be afraid of rejection. Ahem, Ariel.

2. Curly hair equals a fun-loving, warm-hearted personality. Oh, and you do things faster than other people, too.

Women with curly hair are also generous and tend do everything, like completing tasks, faster than other people. They have a "fire personality," whose traits include leadership, love, passion, insight, dynamism, aggression, intuition, reason, and expressiveness. They also have a hard time focusing on one thing for a long time. And, there is also a possibility that they can be drama queens.

3. Those with wavy hair that's thick and lustrous are innovative and creative.

They also typically have high energy, strong will power, are deeply emotional, need a deep intense connection, and their feelings can be hurt more easily than you think. Sometimes they also have a harder time talking about things and they clam up. Wavy-haired people also need regular alone time, even though they might love you. Freedom is also really important to them too (perhaps because their hair is so wild!), so being monogamous might be hard for them as well. If you have thin wavy hair, on the other hand, it means you need to conserve the energy you have, but that you're still creative.

4. Having thick hair means you have strong willpower.

Much like having thick eyebrows, if your hair is thick, you probably tend to have a lot of energy and you have a very strong willpower, but it can also mean you're stubborn. Conversely, if you have thin hair, chances are you're a delicate, meaning you're not into extreme sports and that you like to conserve your energy more. Having thick hair could also mean you have a lower sex drive.

5. If you have straight hair that you always curl, it can mean you're craving more fun in your life.

Just like your body craves certain foods, curling your hair can be like satisfying a craving. The theory behind this thinking is that by curling your hair, it creates a shift in you where you'll attract more exciting experiences because your hair becomes instantly more interesting, and you'll also broadcast a more positive, fun message into the world.

6. If you have curly hair that all you want to do is straighten, it tends to mean your life is too chaotic and that you probably need to calm down.

In Chinese medicine, all systems strive for balance, so there is an underlying desire in everyone to come back into balance. So, by flat-ironing your hair, you make it straight, controlling its intensity and giving yourself a sense of calmness.

7. If you have a medium-length wash-and-go style, you're a good thinker and you value logic.

You also tend to be impatient and easily frustrated, so this style is perfect for you because it's no muss, no fuss. This 'do is also very indicative of someone who values logic above anything else, so women with this hairstyle tend to be really good thinkers. They value common sense and they think that people who wallow in their own emotions should just get over what they're dealing with. They're goal-oriented, and some of them can be very competitive — they're very direct and just want to get things done.

8. Women who have long hair and a wash-and-go style are more in touch with their feelings.

They're also more romantic and more creative. You like to go with the flow, clearly. Think hippies.

9. If you have a super short wash-and-go hairstyle, it most likely means you don't want to fuss over things in life, including your hair.

It also means you're usually less in touch with your feelings. #shorthairdontcare

10. If your hairstyle is high maintenance, you might be self-critical or a drama queen.

If it takes you a lot of time to get ready in the morning, it can mean two things: 1. That you're very self-critical, anxious, and you worry about details too much — aka you work long hours trying to get everything right, which means you probably get up at 5 a.m. to try to get your hair perfect too. Or 2. You can be a drama queen who likes attention, so by default you make your hairstyle stand out so you'll get noticed.

11. Women who don't tend to their hair and just throw it into a mumsy braid, for example, put their own needs last.

If you throw your hair into a braid and couldn't care less what it looks like, or skip out on haircuts and just tuck your hair behind your ears and go, you tend to put others first.

12. If you've chosen to shave your head bald (or if you're going bald naturally), chances are you're super romantic.

Being bald is a very positive thing in Chinese face reading. Having this style by choice, or not opting for a wig if your hair thins or you go bald naturally, also means you have a huge heart, a willingness to love, and a sparkling personality. This hairstyle might also mean that you're always be looking for the next exciting romance, since you like the early stages of love.

13. You can expect someone with an unconventional haircut to be fun.

Women who choose to have an out-of-the-box haircut are generally more fun, compared to someone with a practical haircut, which is indicative of a person who just wants to get things done.

14. If you have a blunt cut, you're most likely someone who's to the point and a go-getter.

This person also values logic, sets goals and is driven. They also want an easy-to-maintain hairstyle like a blunt cut, that doesn't require much effort.

15. If a layered hairstyle is your go-to, you're probably a perfectionist.

A layered cut needs to be done just so in order to look it's best, so if you have layers, chances are you're a perfectionist about everything, including your hair.

16. If your hairline goes straight across, it's the sign of a rebel who will break the rules.

In Chinese face reading, the hairline is often referred to as the "Mother's Influence." So, if your mother believed in challenging the rules, chances are you'll have a straight hairline that means you'll be a rebel and tend to challenge the rules too. It's also a sign that making a positive change in the world is important to them.

17. If your hairline is irregular, meaning it's not even across your forehead, it's a sign of a troubled adolescence.

An uneven hairline can show that your mother (or the person in that role) didn't have a very strong effect on you, indicating a difficult adolescence.

18. Women with a rounded hairline are typically good girls.

If your "Mother's Influence" was stronger, you'll have a perfectly rounded hairline and tend to follow the rules more and be very well-mannered.

19. If you have a widow's peak, it's a sign of sex appeal and mysterious charm.

This trait is basically a magnet that pulls people toward you because of your charisma. Can you say, Olivia Pope?

20. If you gravitate toward a polished, high ponytail, you're most likely goal-oriented.

You're also considered to be athletic and logical. Fancy a ponytail that isn't as polished? It's a sign that you tend to put other's needs first.


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What Does Your Hair Reveal About Your Personality?

Your personality is one of those things that your hair can reveal about you. Your crown of hair is one of the first things that people notice about you when you meet. What is your hair telling other people about you?

Some hairstyles have changed over the years, and our acceptance of them has too. In the 1970’s, a man with long hair was less socially acceptable than it would be today. A study from 1978 showed that college students had more negative impressions of a picture of a long-haired man than they did of a short-haired man. These results reflect a stereotypical personality impression of the long-haired hippie that was pervasive at the time.

For the same study, facial hair was the opposite for people’s impressions. Consistent with prior research, the bearded male was regarded more positively than the clean-shaven male.

Other studies from the 70’s looked at peoples’ preferences for hair colors as determined by their own hair color. They found that dark-haired men preferred brunette women. Blonde men though were equally divided in preference for blonde or brunette women. Red-headed women had a preference for dark-haired men, while blondes who were not naturally blonde had no preference for blonde or brunette men.

Researchers also found that stereotypes based on hair color were widely held by the participants and that stereotypes differed based on the hair color and sex of the subject in the study.

Clearly our society has progressed since this research was done. However, certain personality traits are more strongly associated with certain hair colors.

For example, if you complete the following by filling in the blank, you can see what we mean: ________ blonde. Did you fill in the blank with ‘ditzy’ or ‘dumb?’ Most people do, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are some of the other personality traits that people think of when they see a certain hair style or color.

What Does Your Hair Reveal About Your Personality?

Straight, wavy or curly

Curls have more fun. or at least that’s the personality trait that people most often associate with curly hair. People with curls are more likely to be seen as wild, exciting and energetic.

A wavy hairstyle is viewed as a fun personality too. Those with waves are more likely to be dreamers and creative personalities. They are often physically active and outdoorsy too.

Those with straight hair seem to be viewed as a more refined personality. They are sociable, elegant, and calm.

Natural or processed

Those who go with their natural hair color have personalities that are unconventional. This is especially true for women whose hair is turning grey. There is a social expectation that older women will color their hair to maintain a younger appearance. This is also becoming more true for men as well.

If you choose to color, perm, straighten, or otherwise spend hours at the salon getting just the right look, your personality tends to be more perfectionist. You want your appearance to reflect your preference for control.

Wash and go or Style it

Those who style their hair by curling it, straightening it, drying it or other activities involving small appliances tend to reveal that they long for what they don’t heave already. These personalities don’t mind the time that it takes to achieve a perfect look. They are patient, prefer to be in control and care about other people’s impressions of them.

If your hair personality is more wash and go, you are ready for whatever happens. You are more likely to be sociable and ready to hang out with friends with little advanced notice. You are casual, relaxed, and easygoing. Your hair reveals that very little upsets you.

Loose or updo

You leave your hair down or do you braid it, put it or up in a ponytail or bun’ If you have a hairstyle that is more up than down it reveals that you tend to like control, order and organization. Those with updos are usually bound to a desk in the corporate world where they have to maintain a well-polished appearance.

There’s a reason that the phrase ‘letting your hair down’ means cutting loose.

The personalities of people with hair that is worn loose are more carefree and open to new possibilities. They are more likely to say yes when you suggest a hike or a weekend road trip.
Blonde, red, brown, black or silver

What does your hair color reveal about your personality? These are some traits that people commonly associate with your personality:

* Red: Passionate, sexy, vivacious, outgoing, temperamental, and unique

* Blonde: fun-loving, bold, charming, sexy, outgoing, and physically active

* Brown: introverted, calm, smart, kind, funny, and successful

* Black: exotic, sensual, a go-getter, quick-witted, charming, and smart

* Silver: intelligent, bold, powerful, successful, and confident

Thick or fine

Not everyone can be born with plenty of follicles. Those who have fine hair generally have to work a little harder to achieve a style that’s anything other than the way they look right after a shower. The personality of those with fine hair tends to be patient.


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