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Is it safe ?
YES.  Rife type frequency exposure is non-invasive in the sense that the skin is not broken and there is no damage to normal, healthy tissues and cells etc.  The frequencies scanned through are purposely only in the range that may be harmful to bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc....    Bio-frequency exposure is non-toxic as opposed to most drugs, and is non-damaging to normal tissue in contrast to surgery.  (little or no side effects other than the standard kill-off effect, i.e. Herxheimer, caused by any modality that destroys pathogens and necessitates the body having to clean up and detoxify the mess; this is a well known and documented effect of any protocol that actually works.) It has no ionizing radiation and so cannot cause damage to tissue, the immune system, DNA breakage, etc....   We have never even heard of even the slightest side effect or danger from using frequency generators, except some standard “flu-like” detox symptoms, and emotional outbursts. (Common when detoxing)

Can I use it with other protocols ?
YES. Rife type frequency exposure can be used synergistically with other wellness protocols without the danger of harmful interactions as is the case with many drug therapies.  There are certain contraindications for use but these are few and are thoroughly covered in the usage manual.  (heart issues)

What does this technology work to combat ?
It is not fully understood, but research indicates it can be effective with most microbial-based issues. (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites).  Whether this is from actually killing microbes or stimulating immune response is uncertain, some researchers feel it may be due to BOTH responses.

Is it electricity ?
Yes.  Specifically, square-wave or sine wave audio and radio frequency ranges. (Similar to those floating around you right now.)

Is a frequency generator all I need ?
Bio-frequency exposure can work seemingly miraculous results.  However, we strongly believe that through diet, supplementation, cleansing, oxygenating, and drinking only clean water (not bottled), you can dramatically improve results and greatly reduce recovery time.

How long before I see results ?
Everyone is different!  If you have specific issues you are dealing with, then you need a way to actually test your progress.  You may be feeling much better, but it is always prudent to know how you are progressing internally. In many cases, this is where your doctor must come in to the picture. (and usually tries to talk you out of trying anything "alternative"... the catch 22) Generally, the window of recovery is reported to be usually within 30-180 days, depending on many factors.  (diet, water, other protocols, unknown causal affects such as toxicity, environmental issues, etc.)  Many people report "feeling better" within 2-3 weeks.  Some not of course.

Can I direct the frequencies where I want/need them ?
YES.  Frequencies can be focused on a specific physical location where other modalities could not penetrate without surgery, or without losing effectiveness, e.g., the inside of the teeth and gums, the lungs, deep inside the liver, brain, the arteries and arterioles, bones, etc....

Is this technology used by Doctors ?
Generally, not in the U.S.A.  The FDA prohibits it's use. Frequency generator technology is currently being used by doctors in Germany and all over the world in conjunction with other effective therapies that have been declared illegal in the USA.  Frequency therapy is unknown or very misunderstood by most MDs.  This may be due to the prejudice against electro-medicine that has been fostered and taught since the early 1930’s with the advent of the FDA as an enforcer of drug-based, allopathic medicine. (There was a time when the Chiropractors had to fight for their very existence to become part of the mainstream etc. Chiropractic nearly went the way of raw milk and clean water and air.)

Did Royal Rife use an analog or digital machine ?
Royal Rife used powerful analog, vacuum tube-based frequency instruments that delivered frequencies in the lower half of the radio frequency range.  All of Rife's experiments and his successes were based on using analog radio tube-based equipment, which could be tuned just like a regular radio to the desired station, or in this case frequency.  These frequencies were beamed through the air, requiring a lot of power. John Crane was Rife's Research Partner and Chief Engineer for many years.  Crane subsequently used digital technology to try to replicate their earlier work, and introduced contact pads to the equation.  This allowed for much less power requirements, and subsequently led to the new generation rife type generators outputting frequencies in the lower audio range.

What is the difference between the output of the FREQUENCY INSTRUMENT and the output of the RAY TUBE ?
Frequency instruments deliver frequencies through direct contact while Ray Tubes transmit frequencies indirectly through the air. If you hook up any frequency instrument to a microscope, any frequency, at any strength will destroy any microorganism!  The reason being is that the direct contact is a thousands times more powerful than indirect contact. The ray tube, being an indirect contact device, requires much more power at the higher frequencies to deliver it's output. In other words, it requires more power to drive these higher frequencies (in the megahertz range) to be effective in your treatment.

What frequency range should the machine operate in ?
In his laboratory, Rife experimented with the entire spectrum of frequency.  The highest recorded frequencies (for cancer) was just over 17,000,000 hertz.   When directing energy to the human body, however, the radio frequency and audio range is the safest. The mortal frequencies repeat several times over throughout the spectrum by virtue of harmonics. The lowest mortal spectrums – the audio range – are considered the base frequencies. 

What different frequency delivery methods are there and what are the limitations of each ?
There are several types of instruments currently available using different methods to deliver the frequencies they output to the body.

a) MAGNETIC DELIVERY – This kind of machine has a coil or chamber and uses pulsed magnetism. Magnetic delivery is the same as broadcast delivery in that it lacks the electro-stimulus effect, which can only be accomplished by direct application.

b) BROADCAST DELIVERY – Remember the Ray Tube Rife used with his microscope in order to determine the mortal frequencies? Many have continued to experiment with this type of device in treating humans. The external tube treatments used with today's ray tube equipment are either set up in a room for a radiation effect, or they are of a small design that is slowly passed over the targeted area of the body. The design of the tube and the gas contained in it determine the type of effect that the machine can achieve.

c) DIRECT APPLICATION DELIVERY – It's this author's opinion that the best way to transmit frequencies through the body is without any interference in between. The frequencies can be conducted directly by pads placed on the exact treatment area. This concept makes a lot of sense after thinking about broadcast frequency machines. Clearly, a machine that is capable of direct contact and that has enough power to get the job done is needed for proper penetration. 


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