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What is "God" ?




There is an intelligence at play here which we call God, a Supreme Intelligent Being. Our lives are governed by many intricate complex entangled Universal Laws.
When we understand these Laws and apply them consciously, we are able to create whatever we desire.

(All the Laws :

God is PURE ENERGY so he cannot be drawn, paint, carved, ... even imagined. You can just "feel" him.

Did you know that this cosmic intelligence field that surrounds you is only too eager and willing to please you and to grant your every wish ?

God is not only a Supreme Intelligent Being, he is also a loving creator keeping his creation in balance and harmony with interdependence between them (plants with plants, plants with animals, animals with animals, ...) and we cannot (an must not) change this balance as everything in the universe is closely linked.
A lion will always hunt for a prey and eat his flesh, this is the Law of Nature and God designed Nature this way.
In nature, only the strong survive and God has set this rule to gradually improve all species. This is the Law of Evolution.

The Universe that we live in operates by specific parameters and Universal Laws.
We live in a self-correcting system that is perfect in every way. Nothing happens by pure coincidence, hazard or accident.
A system where you can immediately feel the consequences of your thoughts, word sand actions.

For Life to exist everything must be in the right proportions to everything else. If the Earth was closer to the sun, it would be impossible for life to exist, if it were too far it would be much too cold for life to exist.
The universe is intelligent and is finely tuned with respect to the existence of all life.

We live on a perfect and intelligent planet. This is not an accident of nature, it is too precise, too finely tuned and too perfect to be a cosmic coincidence or a result of hazard.
Just a fraction of imbalance anywhere will have drastic consequences. This includes our own physical bodies and health, and of course the planet (global warming is one of them).

We are living in a time where we, the human family, are taking the next step in evolution from Homo Sapiens to transform to Homo Luminous or "Light Beings".

This step will require a conscious shift in each and everyone of us.

(some parts from this article are from Margo Kirtikar Ph.D. in the Science of Metaphysics )

More about these Universal Laws :


NEEEEEXT trick  about 
"Did you know that this cosmic intelligence field that surrounds you is only too eager and willing to please you and to grant your every wish ?"

God ALWAYS answers to your wishes / prayers / requests / questions ... and sometimes in a way you cannot even imagine !!!

The best way to receive what you asked for is this one (tested and working) :
- Ask POLITELY for what you want (don't ask or "see" TOO BIG, eg : "10 millions dollars") : "Please God, I want ..."
- Visualize (as best as you can) your wish already accomplished, with as much joy as you can (more is better) for at least 68 seconds
   (if you want a new car, visualize yourself driving this car with all the feelings associated and for a minimum of 68 seconds)
- Say "Thank You" as if you already received it
- Wait. Depending your wish, it may take a few minutes, a few days or a few weeks but God will always grant your wishes !!
Trust me : IT ALWAYS WORKS !!!

All the Best Wishes !!


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