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One of the Gurus about Astral Projection : Abhishek Agarwal


                      Dr Abhishek Agarwal

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From: Abhishek Agarwal
Date: September 19, 2017

Wikipedia : Astral projection : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astral_projection

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What Is Astral Projection ?

Astral Projection is a process by which our consciousness temporarily leaves the physical body and functions independently. It is an extraordinary experience and absolutely real.

Astral Travel is not dreaming. In fact, it is far more clear than our normal daily lives; our senses seem sharper and the environment more real.

Astral Projection is not a special gift that only a few people have been blessed with. This is an inherent ability that we all are born with. We just need to discipline ourselves to develop this ability.

Many times Astral Projection occurs involuntarily in moments of crisis. A common example involves accidents where the person later reports being out of his/her body and floating near the ceiling in the hospital, watching doctors as they operate on his/her body below!

When astral projection occurs under these circumstances it is referred to as a Near-Death-Experience (NDE).

Astral Projection can also take place while being in a trance or deep meditation, sleeping or even while relaxing. In many cases, the subject might travel great distances, even different cities or countries.

And many times, the information gathered during such astral traveling journeys have been verified once the subject is "awake".

Fifteen Reasons Why You Should Learn Astral Projection
by Dr Abhishek Agarwal
People often wonder as to what possible benefits one can get through Astral Projection or Out-of-body-experiences (OBE). Let us look at some them:

1. Fly and have fun! : In the Astral world even the sky is NOT the limit. You can fly way beyond the blue skies. Or glide through the air or float like a balloon. Want to have a bird's eye view of our city? No problem! Or maybe jump off mountains and somersault in mid-air! Imagine being able to glide over the ocean like a seagull, or dive inside and swim like a fish!

If you want you can even propel out into the infinite space and explore the planets, heavenly bodies and other distant galaxies. We can visit any city on this planet and other planets as well. We can go and check out friends in another corner of the world!

2. Confirmed belief in life after death : A fully conscious Astral Projection gives us the ability to obtain firsthand knowledge that we can exist outside our bodies. It provides us irrefutable personal evidence that we are immortal.

If it is possible for our consciousness to exist outside our body, then it is also possible that our consciousness survives physical death. This belief removes fear of death completely. It reassures us that there is life after death and you absolutely know that you continue after kicking the bucket!

3. Get glimpses of your past life and know your purpose of existence :  As we experience more and more Projections, we start getting glimpses of our past lives. These memories aid in finding our purpose of existence.

The information gained can help us know ourselves better. We can overcome certain traumas and cure certain illnesses. We get a sense of universalism, the feeling of which is ecstatic.

We expand self-awareness, increase our level of maturity, and also accelerate our spiritual evolution.

4. Meet Spiritual Guides : Through Astral Projection you can meet your Spiritual Guide who can be a source of inspiration and also help you evolve spiritually.

5. Learning : All sorts of hidden knowledge can be acquired through Astral Projection… knowledge that cannot be acquired in every day life. You can learn about ourselves, about our Earth, the Universe, or about anything else. You can meet advanced enlightened beings, even from distant ancient traditions, and learn from them. You can even attend esoteric schools and temples and learn about the mysteries of life and death, and so on.

6. Increase Psychic Abilities :  Regular Out of body experiences enhances your paranormal and psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, ESP, precognition, telepathy, premonitions, prophecy, the ability to see auras and many other psychic abilities. This is a natural result because we become more in tune with our internal energy systems and also become sensitive to universal energies.

7. Personal development and well-being : Through Astral Projection we become better in all spheres of life.

We have a sense of overall well-being, increase in self-confidence, control of stress, emotional balance, heightening of intellectual capacities, and expansion of self-knowledge. Out-of-body experiences help us to break free from old mental ruts and habits. We get a more enlightened perspective of our current existence and this expansive vision is instrumental in awakening new levels of personal growth and understanding.

The recognition that we are more than just physical beings, gives us firm belief that we are capable of much more than previously imagined. Once we consciously control our non-physical self, we can unlock the unlimited knowledge of our subconscious and harness our ability to explore the universe.

8. A reduction in hostility and increased respect for life : Those who have experienced an OOBE, realize that they continue after death. They also become aware that along with their consciousness, their personal responsibility also continues. Hence many feel that harboring hostility towards other fellow souls can be very self-destructive.  Due to the personal knowledge obtained concerning our spiritual interconnection, Astral Projectors seem to start detesting violence and killing.

9. Experience tranquility : Many Astral Projectors report feeling at peace with themselves and others. They develop an inner tranquility that is hard to describe.

10. An increased desire for answers : Astral Projection often sets people on a personal spiritual quest to solve the mysteries they have held since childhood. Questions like - What are we? What is our purpose? Do we continue? These questions and many more can be answered only through personal experience. Out-of-body exploration helps us to obtain the answers we seek.

11. Meet deceased loved ones : We can meet our loved ones who have left the physical plane. These meetings are very helpful because we can request for their guidance and healing
12. An increased zest for life : There is a certain excitement inherent in Out-Of-Body exploration because by exploring the non-physical realms, we become the ultimate explorers. Life itself becomes an adventure, an exciting journey of discovery. Every Projection is an opportunity to experience a new adventure. This inner excitement also stems from the fact that we are blazing a path much ahead of our time.

13. Increased knowledge, wisdom and intelligence : Only experience creates wisdom. Out-of-body experiences provide knowledge and wisdom far beyond the limits of our physical perceptions. This knowledge is first hand and is not imposed by other teachings and beliefs.

Many people also report that their out-of-body experiences have enhanced their awareness and intelligence.

14. Increased Spirituality : Many Astral Projectors report meaningful insights into their spiritual nature. Instead of viewing themselves as Physical beings possessing a soul, many start to recognize themselves as soul temporarily possessing a Physical body. There is a feeling of connection to something far greater than them.

15. Healing : With the knowledge and control acquired through Out-of-Body experiences, we learn to utilize our own energies in favor of other beings. We can heal others, and ourselves mentally and physically.

Those were just a few of the advantages of Astral Projection. There are many more, of course.

Welcome in the world of Astral Projection.


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