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Migrants in desesperate search of the Eldorado (and fleeing wars)


Migrants in desesperate search of the Eldorado (and fleeing wars)


With poverty increasing around the world (global warming, floods, drought, collapse of the glogal economy, world population increasing, ...) many poor countries see their population migrating towards more "rich" developped countries in search of a better life, resulting for most in disappointing results for them and the locals (excepted for those who enslave them to make more profit).

Apart from the refugees escaping their own country because of war (this is another sad story), migrants should stay and develop THEIR own country and not leaving their homes / families / friends / culture / habits / ... in search (for most of them) of an improbable Eldorado .
They should stay, unite and fight for a better life by dethroning theirs dictators, presidents, kings, religious leaders ... who keep them penniless for the sole purpose of maintaining their power (and making huge profits). Instead, these peoples should take back ownership of their land by all means (and by force if necessary).

By taking control of their own country, the citizens will be able to developp it freely with the selfless and desinterested help of other countries and develop their own technologies, tools, knowledge, skills, ....

Some foreign so-called "investors" (under the supposed goal to develop a country) steal the natural ressources and reward the local workers with wages of misery, promising them "wonders" as a new home, a new car, a better life and so on. These are common lies since centuries.

By example, China is actually stealing rare tree species from Africa to export them in China where they will be sold a fortune.
This bring deforestation, increase global warming, create drought, starvation, conflicts between citizens, ....
They are also famously well known to buy elephant and rhinoceros ivory for their "magical" properties, sexual performances and other stupid old beliefs they are already famous for.

And this is just ONE example.

Today we know that politicians, dictators, religions and riches (all concerned by their sole profit) are the root of the world collapse (see New World Order topic   HERE).

Citizens of the world, don't give up and fight for your country, your future and for your children !!
Today we are all standing and united together against a few.

Time is for a global change !! We must all fight back !!


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