20 Simple Ways to Compliment Your Mom




20 Simple Ways to Compliment Your Mom

Tell Her She Was Right

It could be after an old argument or advice that she has just given you. It could be about something small, such as a new restaurant to try, or something big, like how to handle a situation at work. The advice itself doesn't matter. It's that you listened to her and heeded what she had to say.

Tell Her That You're Proud of Her

Tell her now, tell her tomorrow, and then tell her again the day after that. Your mom has worked very hard in her life, and she deserves that recognition.

Ask for Style Tips

How's your mom looking? How are you looking? You probably have her to thank for those good looks! Compliment your mom on her fierce fashion sense. Ask to borrow her clothes, or ask her to help you with your own shopping.

Ask to Talk More

It's such a simple sentence, but to your mom, it's the greatest compliment. It means that you want to hear her voice, and you want to hear what she has to say. You're reaching out and making a connection with her. There's nothing she wants more!

Tell Her She's Beautiful

It could be her inner beauty or outer beauty. A mother always has her own special glow. Recognize that, and let her know that you think she is beautiful.

Tell Her She's Your Favorite

They're the words that everyone loves to hear: "You're my favorite person." This is absolutely the case when it comes to Mom. If it's true that there's no one else you'd rather spend time with, no one else's opinion who matters more, then let her know. If your mom is your most favorite person on the planet, just say so.

Thank Her for Her Time

Let her know that you are grateful for all the time she has poured into raising you and helping you at every stage of your life. It's hard to think that your mom has a life outside of you, but in fact, she does. Complimenting her for all that time she's spent on you is the nice thing to do.

Binge Together

Ask her what new TV show she wants to watch or what movie she's planning on seeing, and commit to whatever it is right along with her. You can watch together or apart and then discuss at a later time. It's a simple way to show interest in what your mom likes and bond with her.

Remind Her of What You Share

Do some of your best qualities come from your mom? Then tell her about it. If you feel as if you're turning into her, that you share so many wonderful things with her, then compliment her with that knowledge.

Take a Selfie With Her

It's a vain gesture, to be sure, but a nice one when it comes to your mom. You're asking to commemorate a moment, whether it's a small or big one, and you want to do it with just your mother. That's something your mom definitely wants to do.

Surprise Her With a Gift

It doesn't have to be anything big. It can simply be a bouquet of flowers. If you live far away from Mom, then mailing them to her is always an option. Otherwise, swing by and surprise her in person. It's a nice way to show gratitude, especially when she's least expecting it.

Make a Movie About Her

Make her a "mom"-vie. Technology is everywhere nowadays, and it's not hard to throw something together for your mom. Create a slideshow for her, set it to some of her favorite tunes, and you're done! Show her your master creation, and let her see some wonderful memories that she might have forgotten about.

Tell Her She's a Good Mom

Let her know that she's doing a great job and that you recognize all that she's done for you. Being a mother is the hardest, most unforgiving and challenging job in the world. You should tell her that she's good at what she does.

Pick Up the Phone

Call her back. We're all guilty of dodging calls from our mother, pressing ignore when we definitely could have picked up. It's hard to always get pushed to voicemail, so do what you can to avoid that feeling for your mom. Call her back whenever you get a chance, even if it's just for a minute to acknowledge her call and say that you'll talk soon. Being worthy of a callback is a feeling that no mother wants to forget.

Shower Her With Compliments

Smother her with love. Pepper her with thoughts on how wonderful you think she is. Believe us, she'll either thank you for all that attention, or just ask you if you want something from her.

Include Her in Your Life

If you live far away from your mom, make the distance less of a burden. Give her a call and tell her what you have planned for the day. Tell her about something funny you saw while driving around town, or ask her if she saw the commercial with the puppies that made you cry. Include her in your everyday routine, so she doesn't feel so separated.

Play to Her Strengths

If your mom is a cook, ask her to make you a meal. If your mom is a knitter, ask her to make you a scarf. If she's good at something, let her revel in that knowledge. It benefits you both in the long run.

Take a Trip Together

It doesn't have to be an around-the-world excursion, although those are certainly fun. You can simply go on a hike or go out for brunch. There are a million options for how you can spend your time. The important thing is that you spend it together. That's what your mother will remember most.

Say 'Thank You'

It seems so small and inconsequential, but it's not. Those two words pack quite a punch. Thank your mom for everything, EVERYTHING, that she's done for you. That acknowledgement of her sacrifices means the world to her.

Tell Her You Love Her

It's simple but powerful. There's no better compliment for a mother than to tell her that all of her hard work has paid off. She has a loving child, and that's enough. So take a minute and let your mom know exactly how you feel. Say, "I love you," and watch her reaction. You won't be disappointed.


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